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RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle in the News!

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Identity has become the most consequential cyber-attack vector.  According to the 2016 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, 63% of confirmed breaches involved the use of weak or stolen credentials. Attacks may start with simple account compromise or control of orphaned accounts but quickly escalate to the most prized credentials—those of privileged users.  


With a focus on helping organizations reduce identity risk - our upcoming v7.0.2 release includes interoperability between Lieberman ERPM and RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle to enable organizations to gain a unified, policy-driven identity and access governance across all users. Once deployed, the combined solution effectively arms organizations with the information they need to quickly identify and respond to security risks involving the organization’s most powerful identities – privileged users.



Lieberman Software Announces Interoperability with RSA® Identity Governance and Lifecycle - Liebsoft