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RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle - Monthly Webinar Summary

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A summary of the monthly webinar's that have happened so far.

Please find details and links below, which include the videos to watch back and also the content/presentations we used, along with all the Q&A


All webinars are found as "events" here, where you can register for the next one: RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle Events 


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Webinar Link Summary
#1: July 
#2: Aug 
#3: Sept 
#4: Oct 
#5: Dec 
  • Introduction with Ted Kamionek, VP Sales
  • Dashboards: Risk & Reviews Ahmed Nofal‌, RSA PS
  • Meet the Customer: Dell Technology with Suresh Sivananthan
#6: Jan 
  • Introduction with James Ducharme, RSA VP Identity 
  • Product Demo: System data and Diagnostics with Sean Miller‌, RSA Eng
  • Blueprint: License Management Solution with Clive Morrish‌, RSA PS
#7: Fev  
  • v7.2 Release: New Product Release update and Demo with Aaron Beaudoin‌, RSA Product Manager
  • v7.2 Deep Dive: Advanced Violation detection with Mostafa Helmy‌, RSA PS
#8: March 
  • v7.2 Deep Dive: UI Redesign with RSA Eng
  • v7.2 Deep Dive: Generic Rest Collector with RSA Eng
  • Partner Blueprint: Securience Access Anywhere (Mobile App) with Mike Sims‌ from Securience
#9: April 
  • v7.2 Deep Dive: Unauthorised Change Detection, with Russell Jenkins‌, RSA Eng
  • Recommended Practice: AD Managed Applications, with Clive Morrish‌, RSA PS
  • Partner Blueprint: Pandemic Response Dashboards, with Frank Schubert‌ from Elementity
#10: May 
  • Engineering Updates, with Adarsh Kumar‌, Head of RSA Eng
  • Product Roadmap Updates, with Aaron Beaudoin‌, RSA Product Manager
#11: June 
#12: July 
#13 - Sept 
  • v7.2.1 Release: Updates from Aaron Beaudoin
  • Dormancy Process: PS Solution from Clive Morrish
  • RSA IGL Community Exchange: Updates on our exciting community improvements
#14: Oct 
#15: Dec 
#16: Jan 
  • Password Management Features
    • Product walk through
    • Demos 
#17 Feb 
  • Risk Index: Click here
    • Demo of new tool for customers to use and understand their identity Risk.
  • Meet the Customer: Shlomo Katz discusses his wins using dashboards for AFX
  • v7.5x Feature Release updates from Aaron Beaudoin