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RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle Webinar #1 (July 19) Recording and Presentation

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Hey all,

Thanks to those who could join, link below to watch back and the presentation is attached too. I feel that this first tech huddle went well, however we always look to make it better, so keep the feedback coming and leave your comments below.

Huge thanks to Del Van Rooyen‌ for joining me in the "Meet the Customer" feature, plus Andrew Weadock‌ and Michael Dalton‌ for the live product feature demo and Q&A


  1. We would love to hear your feedback on this webinar. 1 positive and 1 piece of constructive crititism would be great in the comments below Did the format work? was the audio ok? did you like the Q&A? How was the demo? what could make this better? etc..
  2. If you would like to join me on a webinar, let me know:
  3. if you have any ideas/suggestions of what you would like to hear on a webinar, let me know or reply below
  4. If anyone wants to have a [free] 1-1 Telematry and Product review (roughly 1hour), let me know: 


Watch the Tech Huddle here: 

 RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle Tech Huddle Webinar - July 2019 - Zoom 


Next Webinar:

Our next Webinar will be at the end of Aug and the invites will go out as per the newseltter next week. Dont forget to register


Q&A Summary:

  1. As IGL is now used more for access request than reviews ( comparatively few years ago) what's new RSA doing in this module?
    • Hey, I'm not sure this is the case overall. RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle still has a huge focus on Access Reviews and this is why we update the whole user review experience in V7. These UI improvements will continue to happen and this will move into the Access Request module as well.
  2. When will a cloud based implementation be officially supported by RSA? RSA does support cloud based deployments, however we do not offer this as a service ourselves.
    • We continue to evalaute market demand to ensure we are offering the best possible solution to our clients.
  3. Are there any plans for addtional customization of collectors? Some of the collectors have very limited options. O365 & WorkDay for example.
  4. Can the thresholds for common/uncommon access be adjusted? They are currently fixed thresholds.
    • Our Product Management team has considered making these configurable in the future. If you would like to see this enhancement, I would strongly encourage you to submit an Idea in RSA's IGL Ideas page. - Dont forget that you can just make your own ones too, if you need some more flexability.
  5. How do you set the Privigeged Application Access and Critiacl Appliation access... When will this be available for other then user reviews?
    • Privileged and Critical Application catagorization is based on setting an attribute on the Business Source. These attributes can be used to create custom review display views for use in other review types. We do plan to bring the new User Access Review experience to other review types in future releases.
  6. Do you need to run the review a couple of times before common and uncommon access is determined?
    • No. Common and uncommon catagorization is based on analytics run against the users that are in scope for a given reviewer. So if it is a manager reviewing his direct reports, we are looking at common and uncommon entitlements among that team. There is no need to "prime" the system.
  7. "If you click on one of the value (let's say ""Critical Application"") the icon is added into the Categories Filter. If you need to check another critical aspect, like ""Exceptional Access"" you have every time to delete all the previous filter added.
    • Probably better to think to a remove all filters or just remove them while clicking on other filters" There is a clear all filters button. Also if you click on a filter a second time it will remove the filter. We do allow you to stack filters so that, for example, you can view uncommon access withing privileged applications.
  8. Hi Del Van Rooyen, with 424 apps please discuss your practices around collections.
    • Del, has answerwed on the call - please see the recording for more info
  9. Del Van Rooyen With 484 applications, were their any performance issues seen by your application teams?
    • Del has answerwed on the call - please see the recording for more info
  10. Del Van Rooyen How do you handle service accounts?
  11. Hi Del Van Rooyen  , what was the approach taken up to implement RBAC principle fr such large no. of applications? (424)
    • Del has answerwed on the call - please see the recording for more info
  12. We see always more enhancements in user review compare to others such as account reviews and group reviews.
    • Any new features for these reviews Our core base all use the "user access review" so this is where we start to have the most impact. We are always looking to expand out features, however please use RSA Ideas to submit your ideas and what you like too.
  13. Can you speak to analytics for Group and / or Role Reviews...
    • We can address this in another webinar.
  14. How many people are attending RSA Charge that are not Archer customers?
    • Answered on the TechHuddle
  15. Del Van Rooyen With 424 applications being collected; are you using a multi-app collector?
    • Del has answerwed on the call - please see the recording for more info
  16. Are you currently using any of the Dashboards or insight capabilities or other tools like ASR reports?
    • Del is not using this at the moment, however Del and RSA are working on a new SOW and engagment to address this.
  17. Del Van Rooyen , What would you say your biggest challenge was in implementing IGL?
    • Del has answerwed on the call - please see the recording for more info
  18. Del Van Rooyen , do you do all your provisioning through Roles?
    • Del has answerwed on the call - please see the recording for more info
  19. Question for Jamie..from a technical perspective we have been using jtds to connect to sql server 2016 - we have seen problems with this and jtds does not support for this version of sql server. Jamie have you or RSA encountered any direct connection issues using jtds?
    • Hey, I've not seen or heard of this myself, however all issues like this should be raised with RSA Support, please create a case to address the issue.
  20. Del Van Rooyen what are the average times you have when you run entitlement and user collections?
    • Del has answerwed on the call - please see the recording for more info
  21. Any plans to customize the "Role Missing entitlement" condition to use the "Role Set" insted of picking the Roles individually ?
    • I'm not aware at this point, however please create this on RSA Ideas so it can be reviewed
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I enjoyed the interactive style and deeper insight into the review.