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RSA IGL - Ideas Implemented

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A full list of the ideas submitted, which have been implemented into RSA IGL.

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Update Maintenance Mode to Handle scheduled collections 
Remove some functional limitations around selected columns in the new review interface 
Add Report Commands To Web Services 
Upgrade CSV Driver : Support CSV collections from SFTP 
Sorting applications according to Business Owner 
Expand Review Web Service API to work for all review types 
Unauthorized Change Detection Rule – Account Filtering 
Support for Oracle 19c 
Clear Text Passwords in Server Log 
REST API Identity Collector 
Customize Analysis & Guidance tab in Review Definition for v7.1.0 
History of Rule and Collector Changes 
Only the CoE should be able to change rolenames of domainroles.  
Ability to upload custom JavaScripts to the UI 
Provisioning Termination Rule to Pick old Terminated users 
Rename 'RSA IMG Kiosk' to 'Password Reset' 
Review reminder emails should not be sent for non-signoff reviewers when they have completed the review 
Add feature to filter whether account assignments can be done in review 
Restrict ability to view/download information by system role 
More flexible OS configuration details for ease of use with SCM tools 
Adding .xlsx format as a Report Export 
Default export format .xlsx 
Delete rules definition massively 
OOTB Account Disabled and Locking Status 
Document the Workflows Feature 
Skip scheduled report generation if no rows are returned 
Redhat 7.x supported under IG&L 7.0.2 for Software bundle with Customer Supplied Database 
Immediatly prompt for "Comments are Required" 
Data purging should cover change requests, workflow data. 
Make all business source attributes available as web service return column 
Flexible selection of report recipients  

SOD Rules granular level 

RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle Shopping Cart 

Date format 

Orphaned Accounts