SecurID® Governance & Lifecycle Recipes

SecurID Governance & Lifecycle recipes is a collection of items, to help you get the most out of your product deployment. For example, a useful report with the SQL to implement or a way to achieve some advanced rule processing.

RSA Partner Summary: Herjavec Group (Previously Securience)



Partner Summary:

Name: Herjavec Group - Previous know as Securience (MSSP Alert: Why Herjavec Group Acquired Securience - Herjavec Group )

Location: London, UK 

WebsiteIdentity and Access Management | Securience | UK 

About:  Security is our passion and we understand the importance of a secure business environment that protects your company and customers from external factors, avoiding reputational risk and staying competitive.

As an IT consultancy we offer professional services in Security Architecture and Design, Management Consulting, Security Software Implementation and Training. We take pride in the quality of our teams, they are highly skilled subject matter experts with years of experience who are passionate about security. We find this combination results in exceptional quality of service that sets us apart from the rest.


Areas of expertise: IAM Advisory, Design, architecture & best practice, Software solution evaluation, Solution assurance, Strategy, Roadmaps & Planning


  • Professional Services Delivery
  • Managed Services
  • Advisory
  • Education


Partner Contact Details:


Contact phone: +44 (0)20 3588 2228

Key contacts, found on RSA Link: Mike Sims


Partner Solutions:

A list of the available solution provide by this partner, can be found below:


Securience: Datamanager

Summary: Securience Data Manager is a staging and orchestration solution that has a host of connectors enabling integration with all types of end points. Controlled from a web based reactive UI, a user can easily create an integration to an application and format the data as necessary.




Securience: Access Anywhere

Summary: Securience Access Anywhere combines the convenience and security within native built mobile applications with a cloud gateway to relay decisions back to your on-premise Identity Management System



As featured in the RSA IGL webinar series:

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