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RSA PS - Delivery Architecture Review

Hey all,

On a weekly basis (based on availability), the Americas and EMEA PS teams will sync up, to discuss project architecture and share/review the details, to ensure we are driving the best possible solution for the customer.


This review is in place to help everyone and is also available to our partners too.


If you are working on a project and would like the RSA team to review your architecture, then please follow these steps:


  1. Contact the local PS architect lead:
  2. Share with them the Architecture document for review. 
  3. Wait to hear from them on the data/time of the review session.
  4. During the review session, the team will ask you to:
    • Present back the design you have gone with and WHY
    • Provide comments/feedback/suggestions 
    • Allow Q&A for you to check with RSA PS on questions/ideas you may have.


Note: this is an adhock service that RSA PS offers, based on availability

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