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RSA Via Lifecycle and Governance 7.0 Data Collection Migration Utility Availability


As we look forward to the RSA Via Lifecycle and Governance (RSA Via L&G) 7.0 release, there are many changes that will benefit our customers.   One area of the product that is changing to benefit our customers is the collection of data.  There are a number of pre-installation tasks that we strongly recommend that you perform to ensure that your currently configured collectors continue to run and that the correct data continues to be collected after you upgrade.

Details on Data Collection Changes and Migration Utility:

The upcoming RSA Via L&G v7.0 release includes the following changes that affect the collection of data:

     -  Collection of Identity Groups, which has long been deprecated in the product, has finally been completely shut down. Identity Data Collectors (IDCs) will no longer collect user groups. Customers should have moved to the model of using Account Groups.
     -  In older versions checks for duplicate objects were performed at the collector level, and as a result more than one collector was allowed to collect the same object for a business source. Duplicate checks are now performed at the business source level, and any erroneously existing data that has duplicate objects within a container will be rejected.
     -  A primary Data Access Collector will now reject erroneous duplicate resources based upon the Fully Qualified Name.
     -  All data about roles is now collected by Role Collectors (RDCs). This removes several common usage pattern problems with prior versions which used the Entitlement Data Collectors (EDCs) to collect role definitions. Consequently customers who were using EDCs to collect role definitions will need to switch to providing this information to their RDCs.
     -  Role Collectors collect the entire role definition.   

RSA provides a migration utility which enables you to generate reports that list issues with your current configuration and provide guidance on how to resolve those issues.  You must use the migration utility to assess the impact to your system and, if necessary, modify collectors and data before you perform an upgrade.  If no action is taken the migration will then remove all problem data that is found in these areas.

The Migration Utility is available on SCOL at the RSA Via Lifecycle & Governance 7.0 Migration Utility page (  Also posted at that location is a document providing instructions on installation and use of the migration report.

You can also navigate to the SCOL page for downloading these files by selecting the Downloads link on the current RSA Identity Management and Governance (formerly Aveksa) product page (


We strongly recommend that you use the available migration utility to assess the changes needed to your collectors and date in order to prepare for the upcoming RSA Via L&G 7.0 release.  This is a critical first step in helping to mitigate risks of migration issues when you upgrade.

One the RSA Via L&G 7.0 release is available, we will publish another message on how to download the documentation and software files via SCOL.

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