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SAP Jco (API) collectors

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I am working on building new collectors for JCo3 and L&G 7 (JDK 1.7).  So far I have all 3 IDC+ADC+EDC which are not yet implemented as standard collectors (IDC/ADC/EDC, 2-step java + CSV collector) but are good enough for demos, PoCs and could even be used in production since they are supported by both SAP(standard ABAP functions) and RSA(out-of-the-box DB/CSV collector).

For Account/ADC and Entitlement/EDC collectors they are based on earlier work and validated with customer, + I added some new tables:  Extended SAP collection

The zip ( ) includes source files, scripts for compiling and executing, sample data, and a properties file(CHANGE SERVER IP, ACCOUNT and PASSWORD) that allows for filtering queries(for User Data and User Status).  Just unzip archive in /home/oracle

You must execute(using putty in /home/oracle/sapjco3 ) and before running collector :  AveksaMetadata-01-11-2016_SAPJCO3_IDC_ADC_EDC_Dir_App.xml

For ADC and EDC execute then you can run all collectors.

Account to User mapping is pointing to USER_ID for now which is PERNO, but that can be changed based on customer data. 

Keep in mind, this is work in progress and the tables and queries may evolve, but for demos or PoCs that is already pretty good.

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