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SecurID Governance & Lifecycle II - Advanced Configuration and Design

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This training course leverages the SecurID Governance and Lifecycle platform functionality to expand the basic administration concepts introduced in the SID G& I – Administration course.  

It is intended to further develop SID G&L administrators’ knowledge by providing hands-on experience on more advanced topics and increasing overall system efficiency by configuring automation controls on several processes.  



Anyone who is interested in administration of the SecurID Governance and Lifecycle product.

Delivery Type

  • Classroom
  • Virtual Classroom
  • OnDemand Classroom



  • Classroom & Virtual Classroom : 4 days 
  • On-Demand Classroom (Self-Paced including 20 Hours of Lab Time for a 30 days Period)


Prerequisite Knowledge/Skills
It is recommended that students complete the following courses prior to taking this training:


Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Identify new key features introduced with SecurID G&L Cloud and are rolled out to all on-premises deployment models (as of version 7.5.2).  
  • Understand the capabilities and configure Multi-App Collectors.
  • Configure advanced Access Request Manager settings.
  • Understand the capabilities of Workflows and configure and design Workflows.
  • Familiarize learners with the Automated Fulfillment Express Module and it’s capabilities.
  • Learn steps to install AFX Server and create AFX Connectors and Connector Capabilities to different end sources.
  • Configure Request Forms to Register new users using the Access Request Manager module.
  • Understand the purpose of and create an Attribute Synchronization Mapping.
  • Configure and Process Joiner-Mover-Leaver Rules.
  • Understand the requirements and importance of Roles and how to utilize main functions in the Business Role Manager to increase efficiency.
  • Understand the need and create Password Policies.
  • Familiarize learners with the best practices of creating Database Backups.
  • Understand Web Services and how to use them to perform certain actions on SID G&L.


Course Outline

1- Welcome

  • Course Objectives
  • Table of Contents
  • Agenda for Each Day
  • Download the Lab Guide
  • Access Your Lab Environment

2- SecurID Governance and Lifecycle Overview

  • Product Overview

3- Multi-App Collectors

  • Data Collectors Overview
  • Multi-App Collectors

4- Data Access Governance (DAG)

  • Introduction to DAG
  • More on DAG
  • DAG Enhancements

5- Access Fulfillment Express (AFX)

  • Introduction to AFX
  • AFX Authorizations and Deployment
  • AFX Configuration

6- Workflows

  • Introduction to Workflows
  • Workflow Creation and Components
  • Workflow Nodes

7- Access Request Manager (Deep Dive)

  • Intro to ARM
  • ARM Configuration
  • Request Buttons and Request Forms
  • Account Templates
  • Submission Forms
  • Naming and Monitoring Policies

8- Attribute Synchronization

  • Attribute Synchronization Overview
  • Attribute Synchronization Mappings
  • Attribute Synchronization Transforms

9- Rules Deep Dive

  • Rules Overview
  • Joiner-Mover-Leaver (JML) Process
  • Segregation of Duties (SoD)
  • Correlation Specification

10- Business Role Manager (BRM)

  • Roles Overview
  • Role Lifecycle Management
  • Role Configuration

11- Password Management

  • Password Management Configuration
  • Password Management Settings

12- Web Services

  • Web Services Overview
  • Web Services Management
  • Web Services Commands and Security

13- Oracle Database Maintenance

  • Database Growth
  • Data Archiving and Purging
  • Database Segment Maintenance
  • Database Backup
  • Database Best Practices

14- Capstone Structured Experience:

  • Apply acquired knowledge on another user case



Access Training
for SecurID Employees

Access Training
for Customers/Partners



If you need further assistance, contact us


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