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Sending emails with option to download calendar invites

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One of the discussion thread led me to write this quick blog on the possibility of sending emails with the option to download calendar invites. This can be handy if you want to allow the recipients to save a reminder for the activity.

The complete code is attached at the end of the blog post.

What we want is a lightweight framework that requires little customization and JavaScript based framework is well suited for our needs. This code uses the Open Source JavaScript based framework ics.js ( We will embed the minified version of the framework in our HTML email templates that can then be used with workflows, email templates for reviews etc.

Below is the generated email with the option to download the calendar invite.



Upon clicking the second button, an ICS file will be downloaded.


What we have behind the scenes is a simple HTML file (attached) that has the embedded ics.js that will generate the calendar invite on demand. The cal.addEvent() method must be populated to send the appropriate details of the event.

<script type="text/javascript">
    cal = ics();
    cal.addEvent('User Access Review - Q2 2021', 'Your action is needed for the "User Access Review - Q2 2021"', '', '04/01/2021 8:00 AM EDT', '04/15/2021 5:00 PM EDT');