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ServiceNow : Demo Access Request application

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This post contains a ServiceNow update set that you can import in Fuji and above releases of ServiceNow, so you will have access to an application you can use to demonstrate how an Access Request form can be designed and used in ServiceNow with RSA Governance and Lifecycle as a backend source of accounts, entitlements and metadata.


N.B. This is not the official application in the ServiceNow AppStore.


If you submit the shopping cart, a Change Request will be created in RSA Governance and Lifecycle.


First step, before you import the update set, do a search and replace for the following:


YourViaServer --> the url of your RSA Governance and Lifecycle server

YourPassword -->  the password for your AveksaAdmin account or another account (you must also replace AveksaAdmin)




You will also need to allow the IP address for ServiceNow server(you can use a free dev instance) in L&G Admin/Web Services:




In ServiceNow, Import Update Set from XML:


Refer to ServiceNow documentation for more information vs Update Sets and scoped applications.


This is the application once imported:


Now you can select Maintain Items(under Service Catalog), search for Via and select the application:


Click on Via Access Requests:


Then click on Try it (upper right):


Now you can try to request items for user users, and see resulting Change Requests in L&G:



What's next?  Now you can explore all the content including the workflow behind this catalog item, but you can also look at the official RSA Shopping Cart application in ServiceNow store, which is more polished and includes support for tracking, documentation, and is more scalable(it reconciles L&G database with ServiceNow database):$!/store/search?q=rsa%20shopping





If you click the Get button, you will be asked for your HI credentials.  The officials ServiceNow apps can only be downloaded in purchased instances of ServiceNow by customers.  Once downloaded for a company, it is available for all instances registered within the same company.