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Violation Rules Summary report

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If your organization uses RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle to detect and remediate access violations, chances are you have at least tens or hundreds of "User Access" or "Seggregation of Duties" rules configured if not more. After a while of creating rules in RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle, it can be very hard to track and document the configuration of each rule in a convenient way.


The Import/Export metadata feature is great to use for backup/rollback of configuration but it is not human-readable and is near impossible to use on its own if you would like to have a quick overview such as which rules use which attributes.


For this reason I created this RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle report which would help export all access violation rules' configuration in a convenient human-readable format to help track the overall configuration of your rules and make it easier to document them internally.


I tested this internally on 7.1.0 and 7.1.1. It consolidates both "User Access" and "Seggregation of Duties" rules in one report and even includes the new 7.1.1 SoD correlation filters if available. I would love to hear your feedback about this and hope this helps simplify a once tedious task


Attached are:

  • Report metadata export: Violation_Rules_Summary_Metadata.xml. You can import this in your system from Admin > Import/Export > Import.
  • Sample report outputs in pdf and xlsx: Violation_Rules_Summary.pdf and Violation_Rules_Summary.xlsx


Note: This is not a replacement for the Import/Export metadata feature. You cannot use this report to modify any rule configuration. It is only meant to export the configuration in a human-readable format.

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