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Welcome to the RSA Governance and Lifecycle Community!!

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Congratulations on joining the RSA Governance and Lifecycle (Aveksa) Private Community!


You now have membership to the RSA Governance and Lifecycle Private Community which provides access to a wealth of knowledge and experience for you and your colleagues.

Make sure you bookmark this link: RSA Via L&G Client/Partner Community


This community is a great way of gaining and sharing knowledge with teams and individuals who use RSA Governance and Lifecycle on a daily basis. The more content added to the community, the more beneficial it will be to its members. We encourage you to get started straight away either with a new discussion topic, answering an unanswered question or by simply browsing the huge amount of content now available to you.


Remember, this is a private community and is only available to other RSA Governance and Lifecycle customers and partners.


Although this community is actively monitored, please be aware that questions will be answered as quickly as possible and that sometimes questions may go unanswered. We obviously cannot guarantee a response will always be provided, however we will all try our hardest to do so. This community is a service we are offering to everyone to help out and we set no expectation around the responses.


If you have urgent product issues, please use the standard RSA support processes.


What to use the RSA Governance and Lifecycle Community for:

  • Information gathering before you ask a question or a Professional Services (PS) member
  • Any general product questions you would normally ask the PS team directly
  • Ideas and suggestions you are looking for from other customers
  • Best practice discussions and advice
  • Knowledge transfer and sharing your answers with others

What  NOT to use the RSA Governance and Lifecycle Community for:

  • Support related issues/bugs, these  must be raised via SCOL (Secure Care Online)
    • EG. “My Environment is down – Help!”
  • Detailed/confidential information about your environment
  • Sales related questions about the product or purchase of anything new such as modules or PS time.  These need to be raised via your local sales rep
  • PROD Changes – Anything you are doing in your PROD environment should really be checked with support or your PS team if you are unsure about the impact. Proper testing on a DEV environment should always be done.

Why a community?

  • It provides a single repository for valuable RSA Governance and Lifecycle configuration content, tips & tricks and information
  • You’re able to ‘follow’ the RSA Governance and Lifecycle Community and receive email notifications about topics you are involved in
  • You no longer have a single point of contact, your questions  are now available to everyone to see and answer
  • Knowledge is no longer lost in emails  and is retained for all to see
  • No more being worried about asking questions. Don’t be shy, join in!
  • You can “like” comments and posts that you find helpful
  • The “Search” feature will help you find information and answers to questions that might have already been asked.

Getting started - How to ask a question:

  • Firstly, you must login to the RSA Governance and Lifecycle community before being able to use it
  • Please DO NOT post any confidential customer information into the community!
  • Navigate to the  RSA Governance and Lifecycle Community and log in: RSA Via L&G Client/Partner Community
  • Always use the search feature first to see if your question has already been asked and answered
  • Use the  “Ask a question” box or “Start a discussion” link on the right-hand side bar to ask your question
  • Give your question a meaningful subject before hitting ‘Ask It’. Please attach images where required and use the rich-text options we have, as you would do in an email
  • Always include the current version of the product your question applies to (this can be found below where you write your question)
  • Add “tags” to your question – this is so people can find it in future easily (for example if you are asking about a report, you might add the tags “report”, “SQL”)
  • Add a “Category” to your question – you can pick more than one
  • Once your question is answered, you can then go back in and select the “correct answer” (along with helpful ones)


Need More help?

Please contact us at this mailbox:


Following the community

If you’d like to receive updates and notifications about new content added, please follow the RSA Via L&G Community.



You must save/bookmark the RSA Governance and Lifecycle Community URL in order to access it in the future:

RSA Via L&G Client/Partner Community


If you experience any issues after login, please contact us and we will help resolve the issues.


Thank you again and welcome to the RSA Via L&G Community.


The RSA Via L&G Community Team