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Zendesk Fulfillment for RSA Governance and Lifecycle : A Working Example

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Step-by-Step for integrating RSA Governance and Lifestyle with Zendesk for fulfillment via Zendesk requests

Since workflow REST node does not support JSON yet, we need a workaround.  Let's go crazy !

Disclaimer:  This example is NOT officially supported yet by RSA, and should be used only for demonstration purpose or in a test environment.

Step-by-step guide

Here are the steps:

   0. Extend the schema for Change Request;


  1. Copy this under /home/oracle/scripts and make it executable (chmod a+x );
  2. With SQL Developer or your favorite SQL tool, execute these commands Zendesk_Table_View.txt ;
  3. Import this;
  4. Import this (You need to change URL and credentials in AFX nodes);
  5. Optionally, you can also import this for testing;
  6. Import this AveksaMetadata-03-19-2016-Zendesk_App_LocalEDC.xml and make sure everything is linked, AFX Binding to Connector, Fuflillment Workflow;
  7. Get a free dev Zendesk instance, and replace the credentials in Provisioning Node with your credentials;
  8. Create a few local entitlements under Zendesk.  Alternatively you can link workflow to any app for manual(via Zendesk) fulfillment;
  9. Request an entitlement for a user.  If you want support for multiple users in request, set Workflow property to Create an individual job for each change.


Note:  You can also revoke entitlements.

You can check if authentication is enabled for API, I am using Password for this example, but Token can also be used and is more secure:


Example of a Change Request fulfilled by workflow:


Workflow in flight:


Looking up the request in Zendesk: