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Qualifying Existing SDKs on Android 13 and iOS 16

Applies To

RSA Product/Service Type: SecurID SDK V2.5 for iOS 
SecurID SDK V2.8 for Android
SecurID SDK V3.1 for iOS
SecurID SDK V3.1 for Android


Apple and Google introduced a new version of their mobile operating systems in 2022 (iOS 16 and Android 13).


  • SDK V2.5 for iOS and SDK V3.1 for iOS have been qualified on iOS 16
  • SDK V2.8 for Android and SDK V3.1 for Android have been qualified on Android 13

Note: For information on how to use SDK V2.5 on iOS 16, see Repackaging SecurID SDK V2.5 for iOS to Work with iOS 16 Application

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