SecurID® Prime

Introduction to the RSA SecurID Access Prime Community

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Welcome to the new RSA Link Community for RSA SecurID Access Prime (formerly known as AM Prime)!!!


We will use this space to keep customers of our RSA SecurID Access Prime offering from RSA Professional Services better informed, providing insight to MFA solutions built with Prime, implementation & troubleshooting tips, the latest available Prime software updates, and previews of what is to come.


But more than that, we want this space to serve as a valuable resource for exchanging information and innovative ideas on how to optimize the power of the RSA SecurID Access product platform and its ever expanding multi-factor authentication options and rapidly evolving contextual, risk-based authentication capabilities to solve business challenges.


Over the years, RSA Professional Services has provided some of RSA's largest SecurID customers with advanced solutions enabling them to address their needs with quicker Time-to-Value (TTV) and to reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) through automation and operational efficiencies.  Working in collaboration with the RSA SecurID Access product team we've now incorporated Prime tools and functionalities to span across the RSA Cloud Authentication Service and mobile MFA as well as Authentication Manager and traditional SecurID tokens.


We hope that you find this RSA SecurID Access Prime space helpful and welcome any inputs or suggestions!