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Announcing the April Release of SecurID

May 13, 2022

SecurID 700 Hardware Tokens Available for All Customers

After a successful pilot with a limited set of customers, the management of SecurID 700 Tokens in the Cloud Authentication Services is now available by default for all customers.

Cloud Migration for SecurID 700 Hardware Tokens – Coming Soon!

Using RSA Authentication Manager 8.7, SecurID 700 Hardware Tokens managed in Authentication Manager can be easily migrated to the Cloud Authentication Service. Administrators can decide which tokens to migrate and which tokens to retain within Authentication Manager, based on multiple factors.

For the migrated tokens:

  • Administrators can then manage them using the Cloud Administration Console without impacting their on-premises infrastructure.
  • Authentication Manager 8.7 will still be able to manage authentication, if the cloud authentication service is unreachable. 

New and Updated Third-Party Integrations from RSA Ready

The following integrations were recently completed or certified by SecurID through the RSA Ready Technology Partner Program. For Implementation Guides, see SecurID Integrations on the SecurID Community.

  • Archer (update, Cloud Authentication Service) – ESG and Integrated Risk Management, updated support for authentication method types SAML via Cloud SSO and Relying Party.

  • SecurID G&L (update, Cloud Authentication Service) – Identity Governance and Administration, updated support for authentication method types SAML via Cloud SSO and Relying Party.

  • IBM MFA for z/OS (update, Authentication Manager) – alternate authentication mechanisms for z/OS networks, added support for REST API.

End Of Support – Reminder

We would like to remind all Technology Partners with an integration that used SecurID Authentication API for C and Java (v8.7 or earlier to build UDP/TCP clients) to move to SecurID Authentication (REST) API v1.x to connect to Authentication Manager. The Documentation and a YAML file (logon required) are available on SecurID Community. The integrations that were built using SecurID Authentication API for C and Java (8.7 or earlier) will be reaching their end of support soon. We request all the technology partners to start supporting integrations with REST API to avoid disruption of services.

Contact SecurID Partner Engineering for questions and integration support:

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