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Coming Soon: SecurID Authenticator 6.0 for Windows

In the coming weeks, RSA will launch the all-new SecurID Authenticator 6.0 for Windows. As with recent unifying releases for iOS, Android and macOS, the Windows Authenticator will enable an all-new, unified authentication experience both for end users of classic SecurID OTP and for those who use multi-factor authentication services through SecurID Cloud or ID Plus. If your organization uses either Windows-based solution today, here’s what you need to know to prepare for the upcoming release.

The SecurID Authenticator 6.0 brings an all-new, modern, and intuitive authentication experience for Microsoft Windows users. It is a desktop application that combines the best of both classic SecurID OTP and modern, cloud-based MFA to better support mixed user populations and to facilitate migration from on-prem (e.g., Authentication Manager) to hybrid to cloud.


What existing RSA SecurID users can expect

Once available, existing users of the RSA SecurID Token or RSA SecurID Authenticate apps can download the new SecurID Authenticator 6.0 app from the Microsoft Store.



RSA SecurID Token users (transparent icon)

SecurID Authenticator 6.0 is not an automatic or forced update. End users will see no immediate change unless they choose to manually download and install the new software. On first launch of the new app, all credentials and data will be migrated automatically from the older app. After confirming successful migration of all credentials, users can safely uninstall the RSA SecurID Token app. No further action is required.


RSA SecurID Authenticate users (red icon)

Depending on the end user’s Microsoft Store settings, SecurID Authenticator 6.0 may be downloaded and installed automatically, in which case it will replace the older RSA SecurID Authenticate app. Users will notice a change in icon from the former red icon (RSA logo) to the new white icon (SecurID logo). On first launch of the new app, all credentials and data will be migrated automatically. No further action is required.


How Soon Does My Organization Need to Upgrade?

While organizations are encouraged to upgrade as soon as possible, RSA SecurID Token and RSA SecurID Authenticate continue to be fully supported, and primary support will end no earlier than March 2023.

Is SecurID Authenticator 6.0 Supported for All Users?

SecurID Authenticator 6.0 requires a 64-bit (x64) version of Windows 10, build 2004 or later. If the user’s PC does not meet these pre-requisites, they will not be able to install the new app and should continue using the older RSA SecurID Token or RSA SecurID Authenticate app as appropriate.

While RSA has made every effort to support an upgrade path for all users and use cases, a small number of legacy features of the RSA SecurID Token application are no longer supported due to changes in Microsoft’s ecosystem and Windows architecture. These legacy features are rare and unlikely to affect most users. A full description of deprecated features will be included in the release notes and official release announcement, so stay tuned. 

How Should I Prepare My Help Desk?

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