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RSA Announces End of Primary Support for RSA Authentication Manager 8.2 Service Pack 1 and a Direct Upgrade to Version 8.5


RSA Authentication Manager 8.2 Service Pack 1 reached the end of primary support in April 2020.


You can apply a cumulative upgrade and go directly to RSA Authentication Manager 8.5. There is no need to apply multiple updates.


RSA Authentication Manager 8.5 is tremendously flexible in meeting highly secure, on-premise and mission-critical application environments and when using the Cloud Authentication Service, RSA Authentication Manager 8.5 acts as a secure proxy and on-premise failover node to ensure high availability for OTP-based authentications.  For more information, see the RSA SecurID Access Release Notes for RSA Authentication Manager 8.5.

Affected Products:

RSA Authentication Manager 8.2 SP1

EOPS Policy:RSA has a defined End of Primary Support policy associated with all major versions. Please refer to the Product Version Life Cycle for additional details.
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