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RSA Announces RSA Authentication Manager 8.6 with a New RSA RADIUS Server


RSA Authentication Manager 8.6 introduces a new RADIUS server to replace the current RADIUS server, which is no longer supported after August 2023. 

Additional customer-requested features and enhancements were added to version 8.6.

RSA Authentication Manager 8.6 is available today on all platforms except for Microsoft Azure.  Version 8.6 will be available on the Azure platform by September 13th or sooner.




RSA Authentication Manager 8.6 uses FreeRADIUS as the basis for the RSA RADIUS server, instead of Steel-Belted RADIUS (SBR). FreeRADIUS is the most popular open source RADIUS server in the world. SBR has reached end-of-life and required replacement. SBR is no longer supported after August 2023.

The new RADIUS server in RSA Authentication Manager 8.6 supports all of the most popular RADIUS features and functionality from earlier releases. The same user interface and prompts display. Users will not see any differences when authenticating with the new version of RSA RADIUS.

A successful early access program with several large customers minimized the risk and impact for all RADIUS customers.

The migration to the new RADIUS server is included in the upgrade to version 8.6. Existing RADIUS data and configuration files are automatically converted or migrated, and an HTML RADIUS migration report assists you in preparing your data.  

You can deploy the new 500 GB VMware virtual appliance, keep your existing 100 GB appliances, or deploy both types. For more information, see the Release Notes.

This new feature allows you to automate Quick Setup using VMware customization specifications. The result is lower administrative costs and faster deployment, especially in disaster recovery situations.

The Distributed Token Requests report lists distributed token requests and the shipping information needed to distribute hardware tokens. SecurID Authentication Manager 8.6 adds a Distributed On column that provides the time and date on which token requests were distributed. The additional information provides you with more insight into token distribution.

RSA Authentication Manager contains the new features and enhancements from RSA Authentication Manager 8.5 Patch 1 through Patch 3. For more information, see the RSA Authentication Manager 8.5 Patch 3 Readme.

The fixes and enhancements from later version 8.5 patches are available in future version 8.6 patches.

Upgrade from RSA Authentication Manager 8.5

You can apply the RSA Authentication Manager 8.6 upgrade to any hardware appliance or virtual appliance that has RSA Authentication Manager 8.5 software. Follow the standard steps to apply an Authentication Manager update from your web browser, a Windows shared folder, an NFS share, or a DVD or CD.

Note: Version 8.6 will be available on the Azure platform by September 13th or sooner.

For instructions, see the RSA Authentication Manager 8.6 Setup and Configuration Guide.

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