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RSA Announces RSA® Authentication Manager 8.7 SP1


RSA® Authentication Manager 8.7 SP1 supports migration from RSA Authentication Agent 7.4.x for Windows to RSA MFA Agent 2.2. Additional customer-requested features and enhancements are also added.


Supports Migration from RSA Authentication Agent 7.4.x for Windows to RSA MFA Agent 2.2

RSA Authentication Manager 8.7 SP1 now supports Windows Password Integration (WPI) in conjunction with RSA MFA Agent 2.2 for Microsoft Windows. Organizations that currently still use RSA Authentication Agent 7.4.x for Windows because of its WPI support can now migrate to RSA MFA Agent 2.2 for Windows. When the WPI feature is enabled and RSA MFA Agent 2.2 for Windows is deployed, it provides a passwordless experience to users.

Proxy and High Availability Support for Epic Hyperdrive Agent

Authentication Manager, from version 8.7 SP1 onwards, supports Proxy and High Availability (HA) for Epic Hyperdrive Agent.

SUSE Operating System Upgrade

Authentication Manager OS is upgraded to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP3.

Oracle WebLogic Server Upgrade

To provide customers with a fully supported WebLogic server, AM 8.7 SP1 is packaged with the Oracle WebLogic Server

Other Technology Updates

Authentication Manager 8.7 SP1 includes upgrades to Postgres 14.2 and Bsafe 6.2.5.

Terminology Changes

Though RSA is introducing a new consistent terminology across all products and platforms, Authentication Manager will continue to use the old terminologies. Refer to the table below to understand the terminology differences between Authentication Manger and other RSA products, such as RSA Cloud Authentication Service, RSA hardware or software authenticators, and RSA Authentication Agents.

Old Terminology

(Authentication Manager)

New Terminology

(Used in Cloud Authentication Service, RSA Authentication Agents, RSA Authenticators)

Token OTP Credential SecurID OTP Credential
Authenticator For example, hardware or software tokens are now Hardware Authenticator or SecurID Authenticator.
Tokencode OTP Examples are SecurID OTP, SMS OTP, Voice OTP
Access Code Emergency Access Code
SecurID Authenticate App SecurID Authenticator SecurID Authenticator for mobile or desktop
Device Authenticator For example, ‘Register a device’ is now ‘Register an authenticator’.
The authenticator can be either hardware or software.

Authentication Manager 8.7 SP1 contains the new features and enhancements from AM 8.7 Patches 1, 2, and 3. The fixes and enhancements from AM 8.7 patch 4 and later will be included in future 8.7 SP1 patches. For more information, see the RSA® Authentication Manager 8.7 Patches Readme.

Upgrade from Authentication Manager 8.7

You can apply the Authentication Manager 8.7 SP1 upgrade to any hardware appliance or virtual appliance that has 8.7 software installed. Follow the standard steps to apply an Authentication Manager update from your web browser, a Windows shared folder, an NFS share, or a DVD or CD.

For instructions, see the RSA Authentication Manager 8.7 SP1 Setup and Configuration Guide.

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