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RSA® Announces the Release of RSA Authentication Agent 2.0.1 for Microsoft® AD FS


RSA announces the release of the RSA Authentication Agent 2.0.1 for Microsoft AD FS. This update (available here) corrects a potential problem with biometrics authentication. See the Readme for information about the contents of the patch.


You can install the AD FS agent 2.0.1 or upgrade directly to AD FS Agent 2.0.1 from the AD FS agent 2.0.


The AD FS Agent 2.0.1 does not update the Group Policy Object (GPO) template, root certificate, language pack, or documentation set. You can download or continue to use the AD FS Agent 2.0 versions of these files.


For additional documentation, downloads, and more, visit the RSA SecurID Access page on RSA Link.


EOPS Policy:

RSA has a defined End of Primary Support policy associated with all major versions. Please refer to the Product Version Life Cycle for additional details.

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