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RSA Announces the Release of RSA MFA Agent 1.2 for macOS


RSA MFA Agent 1.2 for macOS extends the powerful modern authentication of RSA SecurID Access to macOS computers. Whether online or offline, users now have a convenient way to authenticate to macOS computers, while administrators can secure access to the users’ machines.


Highlights from this release include: 

  • You can install RSA MFA Agent on macOS computers running with Intel ® architecture on the macOS Big Sur (11.1) operating system.
  • Users can sign in offline using Emergency Tokencode if they misplace their registered authenticator or have no more offline days.
  • You can customize the RSA MFA Agent for macOS in the following ways:
    • Disable the Agent at unlock if you want to allow users to unlock their computers with macOS authentication.
    • Enable unlock with macOS password if you want to allow users to unlock their computers with only a macOS password during a configurable timeout period.
    • Specify the number of unsuccessful offline authentication attempts allowed with Authenticate Tokencode.
  • Online help is available when users sign in and unlock their macOS computers using RSA SecurID Access.
  • Easy upgrade from version 1.1. If you are using RSA MFA Agent 1.0 for macOS, you need to first upgrade to version 1.1 and then from version 1.1 to version 1.2.


To learn more about the new enterprise grade ready agent, visit the Cake For All!  blog on RSA Link. 

For additional documentation, downloads, and more, visit the RSA MFA Agent for macOS page on RSA Link. 

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