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RSA Announces the Release of V4.1 of Its Mobile App for iOS and Android

The SecurID Authenticator 4.1 for iOS was released on May 31, 2022. The SecurID Authenticator 4.1 for Android is expected to release on June 07, 2022.

The full name of the app is now SecurID Authenticator, aligned with the naming convention used by our newly released MacOS application. The label appearing under the app icon on your devices has been shortened to 'Authenticator', aligned with industry standards. Users can continue to search 'SecurID' to download the app on both stores once available.

User interface terminologies have been standardized to align all SecurID products. UI and UX enhancements have been made for improved usability and accessibility.

4.1 is an update to the existing SecurID 3.0 and 4.0 app. The app will automatically be updated if auto-updates are enabled on users’ devices. Users’ credentials will remain installed and working once the update is completed. Users do not need to reimport them. Users can perform the same actions with the new app as they did with the old app. Neither administrators nor users need to retrain.

Want to Try the SecurID Authenticator 4.1?

Search for 'SecurID' to download and install the app. It is currently available in the Apple Store, and will soon be available in the Google Play Store.






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