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RSA August 2023 Release Announcements

Cloud Authentication Service Updates

The following subsections provide the highlights of the new and enhanced features of Cloud Authentication Service (CAS).

Rebranding of My Page and the Cloud Administration Console

My Page and the Cloud Administration Console have been rebranded from "SecurID" to "RSA". Both have been updated with the new RSA logo and colors. The following example screen shows the rebranded dashboard of the Cloud Administration Console.

RSA_Cloud Admin Console.png

RSA My Page Single Sign-On (SSO) Is Now OpenID Connect Certified! 

You can now protect access to your OpenID Connect (OIDC) based applications with the OpenID Connect certified connector of RSA My Page. For more information about OpenID Connect Certification, see the following links:


Rebranded Risk AI Dashboard and Adjustable Identity Confidence Threshold

In the Cloud Administration Console, the Identity Confidence Dashboard has been rebranded as the Risk AI Dashboard. You can now modify the Identity Confidence Threshold value calculated by the Risk Engine. The effective threshold will be the sum of the dynamic threshold and the adjusted threshold values. In the Risk AI Dashboard, the “User Behavior Over Time" line graph reflects the Effective Threshold in addition to the Identity Confidence Score and the Dynamic Calculated Threshold, indicating the contributing factors.

New Region-Based Domain Names for Identity Routers

New region-specific domain names have been added for primary and alternate regions as a part of a future plan to reduce the overall failover time. Therefore, you need to whitelist these new domain names if you are using name-based firewall rules so that in the future your identity routers can connect to the Cloud using these new region-specific domain names.

Note: The domain names used in other URLs (e.g., Cloud Administration Console, REST API URLs, or a URL that AM connects to) remain the same.

The identity routers have been enhanced to perform periodic connectivity checks to the Cloud using these new region-specific domain names, and the results are shown in the Cloud Administration Console. To check the connectivity statuses of the Software Update Service, the Adapter Update Service, and the Cloud Authentication Service Connection to the primary and alternate regions using these new domain names, navigate to Platform > Identity Routers in the Cloud Administration Console.

Logout URL Support for All Primary Authentication Methods

The Logout URL field on the Cloud Administration Console > Access > My Page can now be configured irrespective of the selection made in the Primary Authentication Method. This was previously allowed only for the "Performed by Cloud Identity Provider" authentication method.

Upgraded log4j Libraries in the Cloud Administration REST API Download Version 2.7.3

The new SDK V2.7.3 upgraded the log4j dependency from 1.2.17 to 2.20.0 to address all the known log4j vulnerabilities in the previous releases, noting that the SDK is not using vulnerable log4j features.

Second Reminder: RSA Authenticator 4.3 for iOS and Android – Coming Soon with New Look and More! 

RSA Authenticator app V4.3 for iOS and Android has a new design and additional features to improve the experience of users. For more information, see RSA Authenticator 4.3 for iOS and Android – Coming Soon with New Look and More.

RSA SDK 4.0 for iOS and Android - Coming Soon!

RSA SDK 4.0 for iOS and Android will be released by the end of August. This release provides full database encryption. It supports data migration from SDK versions 3.0 and 3.1. In this release, the QR code authentication method is supported. This release also includes bug fixes.

Upcoming End of Primary Support (EOPS) Details

The following table provides details of the RSA products reaching the end of support within the next six months:

Product Version EOPS Date Extended Support Level 1/ Level 2
Authenticator for iOS 4.1.5 Jan 2024 No
Authenticator for Android 4.1.6 Jan 2024 No

Identity Router Update Schedule and Versions

This release includes miscellaneous identity router improvements. Identity routers will be updated according to the following schedule.

Date Description
AU: 08/28/2023
EU / IN: 08/30/2023
NA: 08/31/2023
Gov: 08/31/2023
Updated identity router software is available to all customers.
10/14/2023 Default date when identity routers are scheduled to automatically update to the new version unless you modify the update schedule or update manually.
11/11/2023 If you postponed the default date, this is the last day when updates can be performed.


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