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RSA August Release Announcements

App Name and App Version Columns in All Synchronized Users Report
The All Synchronized Users report has been enhanced by adding App Name and App Version columns for all the admin roles to track which Software Authenticator application, either SecurID Authenticator or RSA Authenticate App, each user is currently using.

Standardized Product Terminologies
The pages of the Cloud Administration Console and My Page self-service portal Authenticator management have been modified with standardized product terminologies and icons to align with the other SecurID products and the authentication industry.

Note: The login pages of My Page will be updated in a future release.

The following table lists the most important old and new terms:

Old Term New Term
Company ID Organization ID
Account Credential

Based on the usage, the term has been replaced by one of the following terms:

  • Credential or OTP credential (Generic description)
  • SecurID OTP credential (Full description)
  • SecurID software OTP credential (Full description for software)
  • SecurID hardware OTP credential (Full description for hardware)
Software Token

Based on the usage, the term has been replaced by one of the following terms:

  • SecurID software OTP credential (Complete description)
  • SecurID OTP credential (When already in the context of software credentials)
  • Software OTP credential (General category description)
View Tokencode

Based on the usage, the term has been replaced by one of the following terms:

  • View SecurID OTP
  •  View Authenticate OTP
Authenticate Tokencode Authenticate OTP
Emergency Tokencode Emergency Access Code
SMS Tokencode SMS OTP
Voice Tokencode Voice OTP

Automatic Deletion of Users from Cloud Authentication Service Based on User Changes in the Identity Source

Users who have a registered software or hardware authenticator in the Cloud Authentication Service, but have not synced in the last 30 days, will be automatically Just In Time (JIT) synced from the directory server. JIT will disable the users who are out of the scope of the identity source or disabled in the directory server. Users will be marked for deletion 90 days after being disabled by auto-sync. Then, they will be deleted seven days after being marked for deletion.
Users are checked in the Identity Source to verify that they still meet the following conditions:

  • User is present in the Identity Source

  • User is active

  • User is in scope to be synchronized to the Cloud Authentication Service

If all the three conditions are not true, then the user is marked for automatic deletion in the Cloud Authentication Service.

Metadata Service Version 3 in SecurID FIDO Implementation
Metadata Service (MDS) is a centralized web repository of the Metadata Statement. The service was upgraded by the FIDO Alliance as a replacement to the deprecated MDS2. SecurID FIDO implementation upgraded the MDS2 to MDS3 to better work through the security notifications to ensure effective incident response.

Third-Party Integrations from RSA Ready

If you are using an integration that is not listed on SecurID Community, contact the RSA Ready Program Manager,

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