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RSA Branding and Logo Updates

On June 1, 2022, RSA announced that it would focus exclusively on identity and access management (IAM). Since that announcement, RSA has launched a new website, developed new product innovations, and continued leading the market in critical identity solutions.  

We’re approaching another branding milestone. This spring, SecurID-branded applications, consoles, login screens, products, and more will transition to RSA branding. See the following for more information on this pending change:

What's changing

RSA is re-branding certain apps’ names, logos, icons, and color palettes. RSA will also re-brand the system-generated emails sent to customers with information on new tenants, password resets, and other solution updates.  

We will inform you about any rebranding changes before they take effect.  

What's staying the same

All organizational configurations will remain in place once the re-branding is completed. All apps will remain on users’ devices. Users will still be enrolled following the re-branding. There is no need to take any action on the part of the user or administrator. 


We expect these rebranding changes to begin later this spring. We will send detailed timelines informing customers about any pending changes before they take effect. We will also provide assets (such as: new icons, color schemes, and layouts) to explain these changes to your end users, and with ample time to update your information.  

Additional support

This page will be updated with relevant information as it becomes available. Please check back regularly for more information or contact your customer success manager or account executive to for additional assistance.  

We’re excited to complete this rebranding and provide you and your users with a unified RSA experience.  

Thank you again for your business and for choosing RSA.

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