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RSA June Release Announcements

New Cloud-Based My Page Portal with Single Sign-On Experience is Available

A fully redesigned cloud-based My Page portal with a reliable and highly available single sign-on experience is now available. This allows users to manage the self-service of their authenticators in the My Authenticators tab and single sign-on (SSO) access to their protected applications in the My Applications tab. It provides a unified on-site and off-site user-friendly experience that is re-brandable, customizable , and accessible. Your SAML and OIDC-based SSO applications supported by the IDR will continue to work as-is. We encourage you to evaluate My Page as part of your new SSO modernization strategy.

For details on the latest My Page, see Available Now: My Page SSO Enhancements.

We cannot wait for you to try the Modern Cloud-hosted SSO with My Page! Get ready to give it a spin. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your RSA representative.

Enable or Disable Agent Inventory Report

To allow customers to control the information that is tracked in the Cloud Authentication Service, the agent data collection can now be enabled or disabled. The default for this setting is 'disabled'.

Cleaning Up of Unused User Records

To increase the efficiency of the Cloud Authentication Service, a clean-up process has been implemented to remove the data for users who have never used the Cloud Authentication Service. This includes identifying the users who have not used Cloud Authentication Service for at least 30 days after their user records were initially created in the Cloud Authentication Service, disabling and marking them for deletion, and deleting their data. The Cloud Authentication Service automatically deletes all users who have been Pending Deletion for seven days. The deleted user records can be added back if the users want to use the Cloud Authentication Service.

SecurID Authenticator 6.0 for Windows - Coming Soon!

A single authentication app on Windows that supports both SecurID Software Token and cloud-based multifactor authentication to manage all your authentication needs. Be it on-premises, cloud, or hybrid infrastructure, you will have one single application to manage authentications effectively. By adding support for cloud MFA for Windows users, the new authenticator helps move your authentication to the cloud with continued support for software tokens. Existing software token users can easily migrate to the SecurID Authenticator 6.0 by simply re-importing their tokens.

Authentication Agent 1.0 for Epic Hyperdrive - Coming Soon!

Epic is moving its current primary end user application, 'Hyperspace', to a web-based framework, 'Hyperdrive'. RSA will release a new authentication agent to secure the new Epic Hyperdrive login and workflows.

New and Updated Third-Party Integrations from RSA Ready

The following integrations were recently completed or certified by SecurID through the RSA Ready Technology Partner Program. For Implementation Guides, see SecurID Integrations on the SecurID Community.

  • Microsoft OWA 2013 (update, Cloud Authentication Service) – updated support for the HTTP Federation method type.

  • Prove (update, AuthMgr) – updated support for OTP via SMS.

  • Radiant Logic RadiantOne (update, AuthMgr) – updated support for REST method.

Contact SecurID Partner Engineering for questions and integration support,

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