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RSA May 2023 Release Announcements

Customize My Page and Authentication Pages

My Page customizations can now be applied to all authentication prompts and sign-in pages. The customization option is available only for ID Plus E2 and E3 subscriptions.

Download User Import Error Report

When importing users from a CSV file, you might encounter some errors. You can now download and view a detailed error report to fix the errors and try to import your users CSV file again. The "Errors" column describes the errors and how to fix them.

Update and Delete Users with the SCIM API

You can use the SCIM API to manage users for identity sources in the Unified Directory. The SCIM API allows you not only to create users but also to update and delete them.

Add SCIM Managed and Azure Active Directory (SCIM) Identity Sources

Using the Cloud Administration Console, you can now add SCIM managed and Azure Active Directory (SCIM) identity sources. You can use the SCIM API for provisioning and managing users in these identity sources from SCIM clients.

Upcoming End of Primary Support (EOPS) Details

The following table provides a summary view of the RSA products reaching the end of support within the next months:

Product Version EOPS Date Extended Support Level 1/ Level 2
SecurID Authentication Manager (AM) 8.5 Jul 2022 Jul 2023 / No
8.4 Dec 2021 Dec 2022 / Jul 2023
SecurID MFA Agent for Microsoft Windows 2.0.x Jul 2023 No
SecurID MFA Agent for macOS 1.3.x Jul 2023 No
1.2 Jun 2023 No
SecurID Authenticator for iOS / Android 4.0 Jun 2023 No


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