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RSA November Release Announcements

Expand or Collapse Authentication Methods

Administrators can now control the appearance of the web authentication prompt, either keeping it collapsed, or expanding the prompt to display other authentication methods. The expanded view provides users easy access to all the available authentication methods. This setting can be controlled from the Company Settings page, under Sessions & Authentication tab, where administrators can select or clear Show more authentication factors by default check box. By default, this setting is cleared.

Allow Users to Reset Expired Passwords

An option to allow users to reset the expired passwords is now available in the Cloud Administration Console. To enable this setting, administrators can edit an identity source and then select Allow users to change password option in the Identity Source Details tab under SSL/TLS Certificates section. The administrators need to click Publish Changes to use this option in My Page. When a user’s password is expired, the user will be prompted to enter a new password upon logging to My Page. The new password must meet all the password policy requirements set by the administrator.

Terminology Changes in the Cloud Authentication Service

In the Cloud Authentication Service, the authentication pages have been updated with the new terminology used throughout the other RSA products to ensure consistency and alignment with the authentication industry.

Note: New user and system events have been added and descriptions for some of the events have been modified. If these descriptions are used for SIEM integrations, they must be modified accordingly. For details on events, see user events and system events.
SecurID Authentication (MFA REST) API Display Names are optional and can only be used for display purposes. For any logic, use MethodID.

FIDO Authenticator Manufacturer Column in All Synchronized Users Report

The All Synchronized Users report has been enhanced with a column for FIDO Authenticator Manufacturer to enable administrators to know the manufacturer details of the authenticators.

RSA Authentication Manager 8.7 Supports AWS Instance Type Upgrade

RSA Authentication Manager 8.7 customers can now install or upgrade the Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 instance from a supported M4 family to an M5 and/or M6i family. We recommend that you contact RSA Customer Support for details on how to upgrade the AWS EC2 instances. The following table contains the list of AWS instances that you can upgrade to.

M5 Family M6i Family
M5.large M6i.large
M5.xlarge M6i.xlarge
M5.2xlarge M6i.2xlarge

SecurID Authenticator 6.1.2 for Windows - Coming Soon!

SecurID Authenticator app for Windows v6.1.2 will be released soon. This new version resolves some bugs from the previous version, and it supports eight languages: French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish.

SecurID Authenticator 5.1 for macOS - Coming Soon!

  • SecurID Authenticator 5.1 app for macOS will be released with standardized terminologies to align and streamline with the other RSA products and the authentication industry.

  • Users can migrate all their software tokens from the existing SecurID Software Token 4.2.3 app to the new SecurID Authenticator 5.1 for macOS. With this migration, users can  manage all their credentials within the new macOS Authenticator.

  • Users will be able to set their own device passwords in the SecurID Authenticator 5.1 for macOS to secure the operations performed on AM managed OTP, such as entering a PIN, renaming a software token, or deleting it.

  • SecurID Authenticator 5.1 for macOS app will support macOS Ventura, which was released on October 24, 2022.

RSA Authenticator 4.2 for iOS and Android - Coming Soon!

RSA Authenticator App v4.2 for iOS and Android will be released in January 2023. It will include a data migration feature to help organizations to migrate from RSA Authenticate App to RSA Authenticator App.

Cloud Authentication Service as Authorization Server for Generic OIDC Relying Party – Coming Soon!

Expanded OIDC functionality will be released as a core feature of the RSA ID Plus solution in January 2023. Currently, the solution offers OIDC integration to Microsoft Azure Active Directory. The new feature will allow the Cloud Authentication Service to act as the authorization server for a generic OIDC relying party application.

Please contact your account executive if you would like to have an early access (in November 2022) to this feature.

Extended End of Primary Support (EOPS) for Mobile SDKs

The End of Primary Support (EOPS) dates for Mobile SDK 2.5 (iOS), Mobile SDK 2.8 (Android), and Mobile SDK 3.1 (Android, iOS) have been extended to December 2023 in order to give customers time to migrate to Mobile SDK 4.0, scheduled for delivery during H1 2023.

New and Updated Third-Party Integrations from RSA Ready

The following integrations were recently completed or certified by RSA through the RSA Ready Technology Partner Program. For Implementation Guides, see SecurID Integrations on RSA Community.

  • Citrix Cloud (new, Cloud Authentication Service) – a cloud management platform that allows organizations to deploy cloud-hosted desktops and apps to end users, support for authentication method type SAML via Cloud SSO and Relying Party.

  • Endace EndaceProbe (new, Authentication Manager) – always on, continuous packet capture, support for authentication method type REST API with Authentication Manager.

  • PingOne DaVinci (new, Cloud Authentication Service) – orchestration service for delivering seamless identity experiences, support for REST API with Cloud Authentication Service.

If you are using an integration that is not listed on RSA Community, contact the RSA Ready Program Manager,

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