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RSA September Release Announcements

DS100 Next Generation Hardware Authenticator Availability

The DS100 is a cloud-managed, multi-functional hardware authenticator that supports SecurID one-time password (OTP) and passwordless FIDO2 authentication. With dynamic seeding and self-registration, administrators can secure users as they transition from SecurID OTP to FIDO2 without changing their authenticator. The DS100 authenticator supports OTP generation when unplugged from a device to support high security environments without USB connectivity.

Cloud Administration Generate and Download Reports APIs

Administrators can now use secure APIs to generate and download the available reports in the Cloud Authentication Service Administration Console.

SecurID Authenticator 4.1.5 for iOS and Android

  • SecurID apps and their related software development kits (SDKs) now support iOS 16 and Android 13.

  • In iOS devices, users are now able to approve or deny the sign-in requests before the Face ID authentication is completed.

  • Users can share information logs and binding IDs not only via the default email client, but also via any of the installed apps on their devices.

  • Users can approve the push notifications received from the SecurID Authenticator app on their Android watches.

Third-Party Integrations from RSA Ready

If you are using an integration that is not listed on RSA Community, contact the RSA Ready Program Manager,

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