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SecurID Mobile App V4.0 Migration and EOPS for Token and Authenticate Mobile Apps

As already published in previous advisories, SecurID App V4.0 includes capabilities and features superseding both the Software Token App and the RSA Authenticate App, providing our users with a streamlined user experience and a single application going forward to access all SecurID authentication services.

For Software Token Mobile App users   Saneesh_0-1647490411523.png

  • From an installation perspective, SecurID V4.0 is considered as a new version of the Software Token App. When installed, it replaces the previous version of the Software Token App, while preserving the tokens that were initially loaded.
  • The general feedback that we received on SecurID App is very positive. Based on the general usage statistics, more than 95% of Software Token App users have already migrated to the SecurID App.
  • The latest version of the Software Token App remains fully supported until October 2022 for the remaining users to migrate to the SecurID App. The Software Token App will continue to be fully functional after this date, but without primary support in case of issues.

For RSA Authenticate Mobile App users  Saneesh_0-1647490637710.png

  • The RSA Authenticate App remains fully supported, with a current End of Primary Support (EOPS) set for January 2023.
  • We encourage customers to start the onboarding of their new users with the SecurID App instead of the Authenticate App, as it provides a larger set of features and a better user experience.
  • For existing Authenticate App users, we are building a new version of the SecurID App, which will provide them a way to seamlessly preserve and transfer their tokens when installing it. This new version is targeted to be released during the second half of 2022.
  • When this new version is available, we will coordinate with the customers to evaluate the time required for their users to migrate to this new app, and will adjust accordingly the EOPS for the Authenticate App.


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