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Upgrading to macOS 12.3x Removes User Authentication

Affected Users: macOS users who have already upgraded or may upgrade to macOS Monterey 12.3 or later.

Product: SecurID MFA Agent for macOS

Problem: After upgrading macOS Monterey to version 12.3 or later, SecurID MFA Agent 1.4.x for macOS stopped authenticating users. The MFA agent does not challenge the users anymore.

Root Cause: When you upgrade to macOS 12.3 or later, the OS automatically removes the MFA Agent plugin entry from the system.login.console file. This causes the MFA authentication not to challenge the users at login. It has also been reported that the other 3rd party MFA vendors too were impacted due to this issue.

SecurID’s Support to Resolve This Issue

SecurID engineering is working on full support to provide you with a solution to this macOS upgrade issue.

Soon SecurID will publish a script that you can run to automatically fix the MFA authentication issue in macOS 12.3 Monterey or later. The script is developed to add the MFA agent plugin entry to the System.login.console file so that the users can be authenticated as usual and your resources can be secured.

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