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Embedding a SecurID Access Identity Router


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This course is designed to augment previous training or experience with SecurID Access and explain how an Identity Router can be embedded in an Authentication Manager server.

The embedded Identity Router feature and deployment process are described in the course materials and the on-demand virtual lab environment allows participants to practice the steps to complete the deployment, configuration, and testing.

Participants have the opportunity to understand what is involved with embedding an Identity Router without interrupting their own production environment.



  • System, security, or IT personnel who wish to explore or implement the embedded Identity Router feature


Delivery Type

On-Demand Lab (self-paced eLearning with Lab)



90 Minutes


Note: SecurID Education’s on-demand lab environment is provided for 10 hours of overall practice time over a 14-day period.


Accessing the Lab Environment

Lab exercises are performed in the Cloudshare virtual lab environment. The downloadable Lab Guide provides detailed instructions on accessing the environment. For more information please view the "Access Virtual Labs" in hte Student Resources Page: Access Virtual Labs


Prerequisite Knowledge/Skills

Students should have familiarity with SecurID Access Components and Architecture and good understanding of the purpose and functions of SecurID Access.

The pre-requisites to take this course are:


Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Understand the benefits of Combining Cloud services capabilities to on-premise Authentication Manager
  • Understand the Embedded identity Router feature of SecurID Access and Authentication Manager 8.5.x
  • Know the differences between embedded and standalone identity routers
  • Download, Install and configure an SecurID Access Embedded Identity Router


Course Outline

  • Feature and Architecture Overview
    • Function and benefits of embedding an Identity Router
    • Embedded Identity Router vs. standalone Identity Router
    • System Architecture
  • Preparation and Prerequisites
    • Configuring Authentication Manager-to-Cloud Authentication Service connection
    • Activating the Identity Router download
    • Hands-on exercises for the topics in this section
  • Download and Configuration
    • Completing the Identity Router deployment
    • Configuring the Identity Router and attaching to the Cloud Administration Console
    • Performing authentication tests through the embedded Identity Router
    • Hands-on exercises for the topics in this section



Access Training
for SecurID Employees

Access Training
for Customers/Partners



If you need further assistance, contact us


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