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RSA Authentication Manager 7.1 to 8.x Data Migration- COMING SOON


This on-demand learning guides the participant through the steps to accomplish a standard migration from RSA Authentication Manager version 6.1 to version 8.x.



This on-demand learning describes the features and functions that are new to RSA Authentication Manager v8.x as well as how database objects and structures map from v6.1 to v8.x. It details several deployment and migration scenarios and the steps required to migrate v6.1 data to a v8.x installation.

Note that this on-demand learning discusses migration of “out-of-box” deployments and does not address migration of customized APIs running under v6.1. It is also does not discuss the entire range of administrative features of the v8 product in detail – just the specific functions important to the migration process.



Technologists who are responsible for an RSA SecurID system and intend on migrating from RSA Authentication Manager v6.1 to v8.



20 minutes


Prerequisite Knowledge/Skills

Familiarity with RSA SecurID technology and RSA Authentication Manager v6.1.

Delivery Type

On-Demand Learning

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Provide an overview of the fundamental differences between RSA Authentication Manager v6.1 and v8.x – features and functions
  • Describe the specific database objects that are migrated between product versions and how they are handled by the migration
  • Describe the pre-migration steps to prepare a v6.1 database for migration
  • Describe the post-migration structures that can be created in v8.x to contain and manage migrated objects


Course Outline

  • Comparison of v6.1/v8.x Architecture and Administrative Structures
    ▬ Describes the general architecture and compares differences/parallels between product versions
    ▬ Describes the major areas of importance in the v8.x data structures and how they map to a v6.1 environment
    ▬ Describes terminology used in v8.x
  • Overview of the Migration Process
    ▬ High-level description of the methodology for approaching a migration
    ▬ Describes in detail how database objects are mapped from version to version
  • Pre-Migration Preparation
    ▬ Describes the considerations and best practices involved in preparing a v6.1 environment for migration — database cleaning, creating/dismantling structures, etc. and preparing a v8.x environment to receive migrated information — what decisions and elements should be made before migration
  • Post-Migration Considerations
    ▬ Description of tasks that can be performed after the completion of the migration process
  • Migration of an RSA SecurID Appliance
    ▬ Describes the general process for migrating data from a v6.1 RSA SecurID Appliance to a v8 environment

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