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RSA Authentication Manager Installation and Configuration VILT



This Video ILT course offers training on the installation and configuration of RSA Authentication Manager, Authentication Agents, Web Tier, and other RSA SecurID® system components.



This course assumes that the student has attended the RSA Authentication Manager Administration course or has equivalent operation and administrative experience with RSA Authentication Manager – administrative tasks are not covered as part of this course.


This course is delivered in a streaming video format that includes recorded instructor lectures as well as comprehensive demonstrations of all lab exercises.



Technical personnel who install, service and support RSA Authentication Manager and RSA SecurID deployments.



6 hours (streaming)


Prerequisite Knowledge/Skills

Microsoft® Windows® or UNIX/Linux system administration; attendance in RSA Authentication Manager Administration course, or equivalent v7.1 or v8 administration experience; Familiarity with virtual machine deployment on VMware.


Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Plan and perform the pre-installation, installation, and configuration tasks to accomplish an RSA Authentication Manager virtual appliance installation in a VMware environment
  • Configure RSA Authentication Manager system parameters
  • Configure and connect to external LDAP Identity Sources
  • Create redundant/failover RSA Authentication Manager replica servers and understand the role and management of replica server instances
  • Install and configure RSA Authentication Agents for local workstation and web access protection
  • Perform an RSA Authentication Manager Web Tier installation to support user self-service and risk-based authentication


Course Outline

  • RSA Authentication Manager System Architecture
    • Primary and Replica instances
    • Authentication Agents and communication paths
    • Identity Sources
    • Firewall configurations
    • Web Tier component
    • RADIUS communication
  • Deployment Scenarios and Planning
    • Deployment and Installation planning
    • Using the right Authentication Agent
    • Planning administrative support
    • Using CT-KIP for software token deployment
  • RSA Authentication Manager Deployment
    • Pre-Installation requirements and considerations
    • Supported VMware environments and features
    • V8.1 Hardware Appliance deployment
    • Deployment process and steps
    • Post-deployment tasks
  • System Configurations
    • Settings and configurations
      • System-wide configurations
      • Instance settings
      • Console and dashboard personalization
  • Authentication Agent Configurations
    • Functions and features of representative Authentication Agent installations for Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems
    • Configuring Agent software for local, network and web access protection
    • Handling node secret and sdconf.rec files
  • Replica Instances
    • Strategies for dealing with primary instance failures and replica promotion
    • Creating replica packages
    • Establishing preferred and failover servers in Agent hosts
  • Web Tier Installation
    • Requirements and installation process for the Web Tier component
    • Customizing the end user interface
  • System Utilities
    • Using the Command-line Utility package
    • Installing and configuring the Windows MMC snap-in
    • Managing Realm trusts
  • Credential Manager Configuration
    • Setting up the Credential Manager for provisioning
  • RADIUS Server Configuration
    • RADIUS functions and capabilities
    • Primary and Replica RADIUS servers
    • Managing RADIUS users
  • RSA Authentication Manager Migration Overview
    • Optional overview of the migration process from version 6.1 to version 8 and/or version 7.1 to version 8
    • This module is delivered if students are planning to perform a migration in their production system and are interested in the general planning and steps involved in a migration

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