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RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle Administration - On-Demand

RSA U Instructor Jeff Taylor Course Introduction



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The RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle Administration training provides an overview of the administrative and configuration options associated with the RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle platform.



This classroom-based learning provides an overview of the administrative responsibilities and configuration options associated with the RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle platform. Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the access review cycle, change request and provisioning capabilities of the platform. Students will enable the ACM, ARM, AFX and Rules modules. Hands-on labs are used to reinforce the tasks involved in configuring, maintaining, and utilizing the platform to collect identities, accounts, entitlements and application roles for several directories and applications as well as perform user and account reviews and other tasks in a simulated review cycle. Students will configure the components necessary to automate provisioning and new user registration processes and will create workflows, notifications, and several types of change requests.

Students will discuss collectors, applications, directories, business descriptions, roles, rules, provisioning options, reporting and dashboards to provide an end-to-end structured experience for the students.


RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle (formerly RSA IMG / Via L&G) platform administrators, implementers and other technical users who need to configure, administer, or support the RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle platform.

Delivery Type

On-Demand Classroom


4 days


Prerequisite Knowledge/Skills
Familiarity with Identity Management concepts, Active Directory, LDAP, and SQL querying.


Learning Objectives
Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • List the components included in the RSA Identity platform
  • Understand platform configuration options
  • Enable the ACM, ARM, Roles, AFX and Rules modules
  • Package and import platform resource objects
  • Perform administrative functions, including configuring identity, account, and entitlement collectors, and unifying user data
  • Configure and process business policy sets, rules, notifications and workflows
  • Configure, run, and perform user access certification reviews
  • Configure and take action on change requests, user registrations, and workflows for requests
  • Deploy automated provisioning options for change requests and user registrations
  • Create and publish reports and charts to dashboards and external sources


Course Outline

  • Introduction to RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle
    • RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle Platform Overview
    • Course scenario overview
    • Data model overview
    • Prestige Simulation
  • Administration Overview
    • AveksaAdmin account
    • Admin menu
    • Enabling platform modules
    • Enabling Notifications
    • Help system
    • Task list
    • UI Security
  • RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle Platform User Interface
    • Admin System Settings
    • User Interface styles
    • Naming your environment
    • Login Screen
    • Header and Menu Bar
    • Packaging and Importing
  • Requirements Gathering
    • Business Resources
    • Directories and Applications
    • Out of the Box Attributes
    • Custom Attributes
    • Custom Values Lists
    • Collected VS. ACM Managed Attributes
    • Hiding attributes
    • Table options
  • Users and Identities
    • Users and Identities Overview
    • Directories
    • Directory Groups
    • Business Units
    • Identity Data Collectors
    • Unification Process
    • Collecting Identities
    • Authentication
  • Accounts, Roles and Entitlements
    • Aveksa Admin roles
    • Granular Aveksa Admin Privileges
    • Rapid Application Onboarding
    • Account Attributes
    • Account Data Collectors
    • Orphaned Accounts
    • Entitlement Attributes
    • Entitlement Data Collectors
    • Application Roles
    • Business Descriptions
    • Collecting Entitlements
    • Collecting multiple owners for resources
  • Roles
    • Roles Overview
    • Collecting Application Roles
    • Roles module vs. BRM
  • Rules
    • Rules Overview
    • Rule Definitions
    • Out of the box Rules
    • Creating custom rules
    • Rules logic
    • Processing Rules
    • Violations, Remediations and exceptions
    • Out of the box and custom rules workflows
    • Granular security for rules
  • Reviews
    • Reviews Overview
    • Creating Review Definitions
    • Modifying reviews workflows
    • Administering Reviews
    • Performing Reviews
    • Refreshing Reviews
    • Watch closures
    • Completing a Review and Reporting Results
  • Workflows, Notifications and Escalations
    • Workflows Overview
    • Creating Workflows
    • Out of the box templates
    • Creating Notification templates
    • Creating Escalations
    • Viewing email logs
  • Dashboards and Reports
    • Reports Overview
    • Out of the box reports and charts
    • Modify OOTB reports using the query tab
    • Build Custom Reports and Charts
    • Dashboard options
    • Build and modify dashboards
  • Access Request Manager
    • Access Requests Manager Overview
    • Custom Forms and controls (fields)
    • Custom Buttons
    • Naming policies and naming transforms
    • Custom User and Entitlement Views
    • Workflows, Notifications and Escalations
    • Provisioning options
  • Provisioning with AFX
    • Access Fulfillment Express Overview
    • Deploying Access Fulfillment Express
    • Importing AFX Connectors
    • Configuring Connectors
    • Configuring Endpoint capabilities
  • Capstone Structured Experience
    • Complete end-to-end access review cycle
    • Deploy change requests with automated provisioning
    • Publish final reports to simulation auditors and executives
  • Additional Resources
    • Community membership
    • RSA Link



In order to register for a class, you need to first create an EMC account

If you need further assistance, contact us

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