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RSA SecurID Tutorial Customization


Your RSA SecurID token end users may need and appreciate a little guidance when using their RSA SecurID token for the first time. RSA University offers a generic tutorial to help end users with their first-time token use: setting a PIN, logging in using a Passcode and responding to a Next tokencode prompt.  But RSA University can also customize this generic tutorial to suit your specific token assignments, PIN policies, and other useful information that is specific to your organization.  Our customized deliverable is a brief video presentation that can be hosted on your organization’s intranet site, made available for new hire on-boarding, or any other situation where new RSA SecurID token users might want some helpful hints. Making an instructive video available can reduce help desk calls and help to ensure your RSA authentication deployment rolls out easily and efficiently.


Offering Details

Our RSA University Video production team will work with you to determine what SecurID token styles and policies your organization will be using and create a video presentation with your branding and messaging.  The presentation will walk your end users through their first-time token use and can include other details such as where to go for further assistance.  The end result is typically a 2-3 minute video that can be embedded in a web page, linked from an on-line document, or could even be emailed along with token activation information.  This affordably priced offering is likely to offset the need to increase help desk staffing or scheduling for organization-wide rollouts and allows end users to train themselves on the first few steps that they need to
know to start using their RSA SecurID token.


Typical Content

Video content may include the following:

  • What is multi-factor authentication?
  • What policies apply to a user’s PIN? (length, allowed characters)
  • When and how to set a PIN
  • Combining a PIN and Tokencode to create a Passcode
  • How to respond to a Next Tokencode prompt
  • Contact information for additional help or in case of a lost token
  • Any additional information you want your first-time users to know


To discuss your organization’s specific end-user training needs and for pricing, please contact us:


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