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SecurID Access I - Administration


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This course is designed to help accelerate the learning curve of individuals managing a SecurID Access deployment.

Participants leave this training with the knowledge and experience of working with a variety of administrative and system management tasks and will explore: administrative structure, identity and user management, authenticator options and assignments, system policies, reporting capabilities, and common cases related to end user problems and assistance.

Current Authentication Manager customers who are planning to add cloud-based multi-factor authentication can particularly benefit from the information and hands-on exercises in this course as well as learn about and work with the latest Authentication Manager server and agent capabilities.

Extensive hands-on exercises performed in a virtual lab environment provide experience to reinforce important concepts and build practical skills.



System, security, or help desk administrators who need to administer and support the SecurID Access product and users.

Delivery Type

  • Self-Paced



  • Self-Paced including 20 Hours of Lab Time for a 30 days Period


Prerequisite Knowledge/Skills

Students should have a fundamental conceptual understanding of network security and multi-factor authentication and familiarity with user administration.

Students must have their own computer and internet connectivity to participate in on-line classes and must provide their own iOS or Android device (smartphone or tablet) to complete exercises involving the SecurID Access Authenticate mobile app.

The pre-requisites to take this course are:


Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this training, participants should be able to:

  • Understand the basic architecture and theory of operation of the SecurID Access system and components
  • Perform configurations required for general system operations and maintenance
  • Perform user administration functions to populate and manage users
  • Understand the setup and use of various authentication methods
  • Understand how users can leverage self-service functionality
  • Perform reporting and user troubleshooting


Course Outline

  • Module 1: Product and Architecture Overview
    • System components
    • Product licensing
    • Component and Architecture
  • Module 2: User Management
    • Identity Sources and user accounts
    • User record operations and management tasks
  • Module 3: Authentication Agents
    • Authentication Agent types
  • Module 4: Authentication Methods
    • Authentication options and capabilities
    • Time synchronous Authentication
    • On Demand Authentication
    • Risk-Based Authentication
    • Authenticator Record (Seed Record)
  • Module 5: Authentication Management
    • Authenticator types
    • Managing Software Authenticators
    • SecurID Authenticate App
  • Module 6: Policies
    • SecurID Authentication Manager Policies
    • SecurID Cloud Authentication Service Policies
    • Strong Authentication to Admin Consoles


  • Module 7: Administrative Structure
    • SecurID Authentication Manager Security Domains
    • SecurID Authentication Manager Delegated Administration
    • SecurID Cloud Administration Console Administrators
  • Module 8: Cloud Authentication Service Applications
    • Application Portal Management
  • Module 9: User Self-Service
    • Self-service and provisioning capabilities
    • Configuring and managing self-service options
  • Module 10: RADIUS Administration
    • Managing SecurID Authentication Manager RADIUS
    • Managing SecurID IDR/Cloud Authentication Service RADIUS
  • Module 11: Logs and Reports
    • SecurID Authentication Manager Logs
    • Cloud Authentication Service Logs
    • SecurID Authentication Manager Reports
    • Cloud Authentication Service Reports
  • Module 12: End User Support
    • Identifying typical end user problems
    • Troubleshooting Authentication Issues



Access Training
for RSA Employees

Access Training
for Customers



If you need further assistance, contact us


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