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SecurID Access II - Infrastructure Administration and Tuning


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for RSA Employees

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This course describes: 

  • SecurID Access Components architecture and communication 
  • Deployment options and strategies are discussed and component installations  
  • Installation and Configuration of SecurID Access components (Authentication Manager Server, Identity Router, Authentication Agent, Identity Sources, Replica, Radius and other SecurID Access components) are practiced through extensive use of hands-on exercises to create a whole working system. 
  • Backing up the system database and Disaster recovery scenarios 
  • Troubleshooting common errors  



IT, System, or Security Engineers who may be responsible for implementing a SecurID Access system.

Delivery Type

  • Self-Paced



  • Self-Paced including 20 Hours of Lab Time for a 30 days Period


Prerequisite Knowledge/Skills

  • A prerequisite of this course of is SecurID Access I - Administration that gives overview of SecurID Access System and multi-factor methods
  • Students must have an iOS or Android smartphone to complete some of the lab exercises. involving the SecurID Access Authenticate mobile app.


Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this training, participants should be able to:

  • Understand the architecture and System components of SecurID Access system
  • Implement and Configure required to make system components operational
  • Understand the configuration options to support a variety of security and access protection scenarios
  • Understand basic troubleshooting and maintenance for the whole system


Course Outline

  • Module 1: SecurID Access System Architecture
    • System components
    • Component interaction and communication paths
  • Module 2: Deployment Scenarios and Planning
    • Planning an SecurID Access implementation
  • Module 3: Authentication Manager Deployment
    • Authentication server deployment options
    • Authentication server Quick Setup
  • Module 4: SecurID Identity Router Deployment
    • Deploying an Identity Router
    • Connecting to the SecurID Cloud Authentication Service
  • Module 5: System-Level Configurations
    • Setting up administrative accounts
    • Editing network configurations
    • Application Access Policy overview
  • Module 6: Connecting to Identity Sources
    • Managing connections to LDAP/Active Directory
    • User management capabilities
  • Module 7: Authentication Agent Configurations
    • Installing Windows Local Access agent and configuring Windows agent features
    • Installing authentication agent for PAM
    • Installing Web Access agents - Windows and LINUX
    • Installing and configuring MFA Agent for Microsoft Windows
  • Module 8: User Self-service Configurations
    • User self-service options
    • Installing a Web Tier server
    • Registering Mobile Devices through My Page
  • Module 9: Setting up the Application Portal
    • Configuring SAML, HTTP Federation Proxy, and Trusted Header application types
    • Configuring Portal authentication options


  • Module 10: Configuring Access Policies
    • Configuring and managing access policies
  • Module 11: Cloud Authentication Service Integrated Windows Authentication
    • Configuring Integrated Windows Authentication for Application Portal users
  • Module 12: Authentication server - Cloud Authentication Service Integration
    • Configuring additional authentication with SecurID
    • Using an SecurID Authenticate Token codes through SecurID Authentication Manager agents
  • Module 13: RADIUS Configuration
    • Configuring RADIUS Clients and user profiles in SecurID Authentication Manager and in the Cloud Authentication Service
  • Module 14: SecurID Authentication Manager Replica Instance
    • Installing and configuring Authentication Manager Replica Server
    • Replica Promotion
    • Agent Load balancing
    • Database maintenance and backups
  • Module 15: Authentication Manager System Utilities
    • Using SecurID Authentication Manager Command Line Utilities
    • Setting up the Authentication Manager MMC Snap-in
  • Module 16: Troubleshooting and Obtaining log files
    • Viewing system Log Files
    • Generating a Cloud Authentication Service Identity Router Log Bundle




Access Training
for RSA Employees

Access Training
for Customers



If you need further assistance, contact us


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