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Hey everyone! Megan Olvera here with some helpful tips and answers to the most commonly asked questions I've fielded. If you have a question not answered here, please send me a note and I'll get your answer to you and possibly add your question here as well.


  • Where can I find the current schedule of Archer classes? Here!

  • How do I contact you to request my on-demand lab, to ask for advice about which class to take, or to find out if my company has any remaining training credits/units to use? This is better than a carrier pigeon!

  • Can I download your training to put on my own company's intranet? Or - can my learners take your training without creating a learning account?
    • No, I'm afraid not. There's a lot of side-eyeing that happens from our legal department when we start talking about that, and having everyone take the training from within our own platform helps us to collect the necessary feedback, lets us see how popular/useful certain courses are, and have access to a ton of other data that helps us to make the best decision possible. Just ask your learners to create an account with us. It's free and we'll even maintain a neat transcript for them and let them print out fancy certificates they can then hang on the wall as proof of their awesomeness.

  • Do I have to be a member of the Archer Community (RSA Link) to get to your training? 
    • Nope - the two systems are unrelated. This means that you really can just send your learners right to our learning catalog without also asking them to create a Community account along with it.

  • How do I pay for training?
    • There are a couple of options. One - if you are buying in bulk for your organization, and/or if you need to go the Purchase Order/official route, reach out to your account rep. Don't have an account rep? Contact us and we'll send someone your way. Or, if you'd like to just make a purchase by credit card, that's an option as well. Head on in to our new Learning Management System (Saba), find a course you'd like to take, add it to your cart, and then proceed through the payment process.
      • Wait! Was this always possible, Megan? Why no, it sure wasn't! This is a new feature available to us, and we're super-excited to finally make credit card payments available again!

  • I'm a manager of a team and I'd like to buy training for my team members. Is there a way to do that? 
    • There sure is. First, we'll need to set you up in our system as a manager of your team, with your team members nestled in beneath you. Contact us to get that taken care of, and then, once that's done, you can browse for classes and select "Buy For Team" as part of the selection process. You can add 3 Archer Admin I's and 2 Archer Admin II's and a handful of New User Experiences all at once that way, and then pay for them either via credit card or via training credits, if your organization has already purchased those. You'll find more details on Training Credits here.

  • I have questions about Archer Certifications. What can you tell me about those?
    • Head over here for a whole page dedicated to the latest on Archer Certifications.

  • All of your training is done virtually now. When will you resume holding in-person classes?
    • Your guess is as good as mine, my friend. Every time we think we're about on top of this COVID-19 situation, a new variant pops up, with new restrictions on travel. We don't want to put you or our instructors in a position to be stuck in a place far from home, or find out following the trip that you ran into a whole cloud of the wee beasties and are now laid up in bed, not feeling well. Until we get the all-clear from The People At The Top who wave the all-clear flags, we'll be delivering virtually, only.

  • I registered for a class that starts next week (or at some point in the future.) When will I get actual login information about the class, materials, and so on?
    • We typically do all necessary class prep on the Thursday of the week before the class (hence our registration cutoff dates), and your instructor will then take the details we send to them and will send you an email with all of that information, either late in the day on that Thursday, or possibly even on Friday. Be sure to check your junk mail folder or other locations for the email, as all students in the class are included on the BCC line and some email servers will flag that as the dreaded spam. If you haven't heard anything by midday Friday, please contact us!

  • Will you give me a completion certificate for the training I complete? And will any of the training count for CPE credit?
    • Yes, and (probably) yes. Once your course reaches the Completed status in our learning management system, you'll be given the option to Print a Certificate of Completion. Each certificate includes your name, the name of the class, the date the class was marked as complete, a brief description of what the course covered, and the number of CPE credits it may be worth.
    • Follow-up: What do we mean by "(probably) yes" and "it may be worth"?
      • Well, there are many many certifications out there that require CPE credits, and our training can be argued to apply to many of them. It'll be up to you to save your certificate and to turn that in as documentation of your continued education. We honestly haven't run into a single reported case where our training was not accepted as being valid for CPEs. There have been a couple of occasions where the certification's governing body performed an audit and wanted more details about the class. In those cases, providing a copy of the full course description (available from links here) have satisfied the auditors. Now, should you be renewing your dental hygienist certification, I can't promise that our training will do you any good, which is why I said "(probably) yes" in my first answer. But for those in the general GRC/IRM industry, you should be good to go.
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