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Security Awareness Program

oniste-training.jpgThe RSA Security Awareness Program offers ways to test and measure vulnerability, then provide essential education to fill any gaps. Our services and education offerings cover a variety of topics for many different roles within an organization. All are designed to raise user awareness of security issues and help educate them in more secure best practices.


Phishing Simulation Service

Our Security Awareness phishing simulation services can target virtually every level of an organization – raising awareness and offering concrete steps to effect change, thus helping to prevent attackers from gaining a foothold through unsuspecting targets.

Simulated Attacks (PDF Brochure)


Security Awareness Training (for the General Staff)

Security Awareness training for general employee populations include a variety of on-demand learning modules covering such subjects as Password security, Phishing and Malware awareness, and Email and Mobile Device security. Modules can be combined into an effective, comprehensive program for the entire organization.

SaaS-Based Security Awareness and Training (PDF Brochure)

Wombat Training Modules Summary (PDF Brochure) 



Role-Based Training (for Application Development and IT Teams)

Role-based Security Awareness training for Development staff is designed to help build security controls and protection into development projects on a variety of platforms. Participants learn the common programming flaws and how to test projects from a security standpoint. Role-based Security Awareness training for IT staff targets topics of particular interest and relevance to IT professionals who can build a security mindset into their daily tasks and toils. Whether involved with networking, systems management, or database administration, RSA’s training programs address the security considerations that can make a difference in these day-to-day operations.



TEAM Professor Application Security (Course Catalog)  

TEAM Academy (PDF Brochure)   



For additional information regarding Security Awareness Training, please contact RSA University

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