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How to find the serial number or license key for your RSA product

In order to register as an SecurID customer or partner on SecurID Link to gain access to the SecurID Community Case Portal and to restricted product content, you must provide either a Site ID, Serial Number, Contract Number, or License Key for one of the products associated with your account.  This document provides instructions on finding this information for various SecurID product.

SecurID Access Manager

If you have SecurID Access Manager, SecurID Keon, or SecurID ClearTrust products, the license serial number is located on a paper license shipped with the product.  Contract your System Administrator to obtain this information.



SecurID Authentication Manager

The instructions below explain how to locate the serial number for various versions of SecurID Authentication Manager.



SecurID Authentication Manager 8.x, SecurID Authentication Manager 7.1 and SecurID SecurID Appliance 3.0

  1. Access the SecurID Security Console. (https://<fully_qualified_computer_name>:7004/console-ims)
  2. Navigate to Setup > Licenses > Status.
  3. Click View Installed Licenses.




    4. Click the small drop down arrow next to the License ID number and click on View.




    5. The serial number and other information is displayed under License Details.



For SecurID Authentication Manager 7.1, the license number will begin with either a 44 or 99 (e.g. 99123456); whereas for SecurID Authentication Manager 8.x the number will begin with the number 85 for a trial license or 8.1 for a production license.



SecurID Authentication Manager 6.1 and SecurID SecurID Appliance 2.0


From Host Mode (Windows) or Remote Administration Mode (Windows or Unix):

  1. Launch SecurID Authentication Manager Database Administration, either Host Mode or Remote Admin Mode.
  2. Select System > Check License Compliance.





SecurID Governance & Lifecycle

The serial number can be found on a label on the top of the appliance, as shown below.  Please also refer to your Order Confirmation email to obtain other information required when your call SecurID Support.  The email will include your serial number, contract number or site ID. 





Need Assistance?

If you are unable to locate your serial number or license key, or if your product is not listed, please How to contact SecurID Customer Support‌ for further assistance.

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