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RSA Support Goals and Parameters

RSA Worldwide Technical Support maintains labs in all geographical locations for the purpose of replicating customer technical issues. Labs cover various hardware platforms, web servers, and third-party hardware and applications.

Labs are also used as training ground for new products or for employees to learn new technologies. Labs are managed and maintained by Worldwide Technical Support, and they reside on a separate network from the corporate backbone.

All RSA Support employees have systems in their work areas that are connected to the labs as well as remote access to all Worldwide Technical Support labs.

Replicating Technical Issues

Worldwide Technical Support staff make every effort to replicate customer problems, but occasionally we’re unable to generate equivalent system or network loads or customer network configurations. When this happens, Worldwide Technical Support staff gather all pertinent information including customer log and debug files before escalating to RSA Engineering.

The RSA Advanced Technical Support (ATS) team has direct access to RSA Engineering staff, who act as both consultants and developers to repair product defects. Worldwide Technical Support and RSA Engineering staff work together as a team to bring timely resolution to customer-reported problems and strive to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.

Support for Third-Party Products

RSA Technical Support staff makes every reasonable effort to help you get resolution to your third-party vendor problems within standard resolution time goals. Your case is kept open until the resolution is delivered to you or it is determined that we cannot control the third party issue, at which time we inform you that we’re unable to resolve the third party issue, and the case is closed.

In cases in which RSA Engineering has contracted a third party to develop a product or a component of a product, RSA Engineering remains the escalation point for Worldwide Technical Support. RSA Engineering maintains the relationship with the third party and provides Worldwide Technical Support with a resolution (hot fix or patch) to a customer problem. RSA Engineering is also responsible for providing training or knowledge transfer on any product they develop or represent.

When RSA has certified a third-party product as interoperable with an RSA product, Worldwide Technical Support receives training and an Implementation Guide from Partner Engineering. These guides are available on the RSA Secured Partners Solutions Directory web page and RSA SecurCare Online (SCOL).

RSA Partner Engineering is the focal point of any customer escalation related to a certified partner product. RSA Partner Engineering maintains a lab at our Bedford, Massachusetts facility. This lab houses current certified partner products as well as those in the process of attaining certification. Recertification of a third-party product is conducted by Partner Engineering and is generally the result of an upgrade to either the partner product or an RSA product. If appropriate, a new or updated implementation guide is provided and posted.

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