RSA Support Plans and Options

Basic Support — Care Essentials for Self-Support

This value-based option is ideal for non-mission-critical environments where business-hours remote support meets your needs. With Basic Support you are in complete control of onsite service execution from installation to software upgrades. RSA Support professionals will help you troubleshoot your problems and provide you with patches and updates. As with all service levels, you can report problems, troubleshoot and get online help around the clock through RSA Link.

  • Patch, maintenance, and major releases of software at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.
  • Access to RSA Link.
  • Technical telephone support from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. customer local time, Monday through Friday (except RSA-designated company holidays as defined in the RSA Holiday Calendar).

Note: Basic Support is not available for all RSA products.



Enhanced Support — Round-the-Clock, Rapid Resolution

Enhanced Support delivers 24 x 7 around-the-clock remote support and access to RSA's global network of support centers for troubleshooting. Leverage our Secure Remote Support to ensure your issues are proactively managed in our Global Support Centers.

  • All the above, PLUS:
  • Technical telephone support 24 x 7 x 365.



RSA Personalized Support Options

RSA Personalized Support Options are designed to complement RSA service contracts with access to technical experts any time, day or night, and provide customers with a strategic personalized support relationship. With RSA Personalized Support Options, organizations can enjoy a support relationship with RSA that encompasses the entire product life cycle—from initial product integration to ongoing implementation.The following Personalized Support Options offer supplemental services that can be added to any new or existing RSA support contract:



Service Account Manager

The Service Account Managers (SAM) support option adds the following features in addition to Enhanced:

  • A Service Account Managers (SAM).
  • Internal advocate who works with primary contacts at your organization.
  • Designated point of contact for escalations and service account management providing you:
    • Frequent and focused communications.
    • Weekly reporting.
    • Onsite account reviews to develop a deep understanding of your RSA Infrastructure and business needs to deliver personalized support.
  • Priority Support including:
    • Ability to influence future product direction,
    • Access to subject matter experts, and

    • High-priority case handling.
  • Request for Enhancement (RFE) visibility.
  • Input into Product Roadmap.
  • Beta/Early Access Programs.

Note: Enhanced Support (24 x 7) is required for this service offering.



Designated Support Engineer

The Designated Support Engineer (DSE) provides specialized technical expertise and is personally accountable for ensuring fastest possible remote resolution to questions and problems for product-specific issues. Your DSE brings in-depth software expertise to your environment. The Designated Support Engineer program adds the following features in addition to Enhanced Support:

  • A single and direct point-of-contact for all your technical issues.
    • Oversees your technical support initiatives, troubleshoots problems, and resolves issues.
    • Provides knowledge transfer to your staff.
    • Combines in-depth knowledge of your environment with dedicated product line expertise.
  • Scheduled Account Reviews:24 x 7 mission-critical follow-the-sun support.
    • Review of upcoming Product Line features.
    • Review of your technical environment, projects, and applications.
  • Monthly reports related to all activities involving technical issues.

For more information, download the .

Note: Enhanced Support (24 X 7) is required for this service offering.



Custom Application Support

If you have contracted with RSA Professional Services for custom application development, RSA Technical Support will provide this effective Custom Application Support (CAS) option based on the original custom application scope for an additional annual cost under a separate support contract. Most custom application work utilizes RSA toolkits and APIs. The Consulting Support group within RSA Technical Support is best suited to provide this support. RSA Professional Services includes Consulting Support Engineers during the custom application design process so that RSA can develop a custom application that is fully supportable. When RSA Professional Services delivers specifications and quotes for a custom software development project via a Professional Services Statement of Work, they will include a Custom Application Support Agreement. This Support offering is available to you providing you are currently supported by RSA Technical Support under one of its Support Offerings.  CAS support hours are the business hours of the RSA Technical Support office in your region. The business hours for those offices are 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, for the time zone they are in, excluding RSA-designated holidays. RSA Technical Support will only respond to your Severity 1 (S1) issues with an initial response time of four hours.



Extended Support

RSA’s software support duration policy specifies a minimum three-year primary support duration period for major product releases, the conclusion of which marks the End of Primary Support (EOPS). For select product releases, Extended Support may be available. Extended Support is a period of time following EOPS when customers may elect to pay an additional fee to extend their support coverage rather than migrate to a newer release of the software prior to EOPS.  See Extended Support availability on RSA products on the Product Version Life Cycle page.



Policy Summary for Software and Hardware with Three-Year Minimum Primary Support Period

Primary Support Period
  • All major releases will be supported for a minimum of three years, known as the Primary Support Period.
  • Service packs do not extend the service life of a major release unless they fall within the last 12 months of the Primary Support Period, in which case the End of Primary Support date is extended to 12 months past the General Availability date of the service pack.
  • The End of the Primary Support period will be published at the time of General Availability.


Extended Support Period
  • After the Primary Support period, a release may enter the Extended Support Period. This period runs for a maximum of two years beyond the EOPS.
  • Customers must have a current Support Option maintenance contract (Basic or Enhanced) as a prerequisite to Extended Support purchase.
  • Extended Support coverage varies depending on whether it is Year-1 or Year-2 of the Extended Support period.
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