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RSA Ready: Q2 2020 Integrations

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The following are the updates and additions to the RSA Ready/3rd Party integrations catalog across RSA Archer, RSA NetWitness and RSA SecurID Access for Q2 2020

RSA Archer

  • (new)Center for Internet Security (CIS) - Critical Security Controls (requires CIS subscription) provides a recommended set of actions for cyber defense that provide specific and actionable ways to thwart attacks.
  • (new) helps organizations prioritize documents through customized alerts and filters and integrates with the following use cases: RSA Archer Issues Management, RSA Archer Policy Program Management, RSA Archer Corporate Obligations Management
  • HITRUST CSF™ has been updated to include all levels of controls and mappings to the Archer Control Framework.
  • (new)Panorays integrates with RSA Archer Third Party Catalog synchronizing cybersecurity risk, questionnaire status, third party information and ratings from Panorays into RSA Archer
  • RiskLens Gen 3 has been updated to leverage the new features introduced by the RiskLens Gen 3 platform and integrates with the following use cases: RSA Archer IT Risk Management, RSA Archer Operational Risk Management, RSA Archer Top-Down Risk Assessment, RSA Archer Information Security Management System 
  • integration with RSA Archer IT Security and Vulnerabilities Program has been updated to leverage the Application Managed Output Writer for JavaScript Transporter.

RSA NetWitness


RSA SecurID Access



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