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We have been using this space to promote our SecurID Access certifications every month. Now on a regular basis we will use this space to update our community on the latest news around the RSA Ready program including the latest certifications across all RSA products along with a peek into ecosystem partners that are in the certification pipeline.

But first, let’s lay the foundation and define the RSA Ready program, the benefits, and the process.


What is RSA Ready?

RSA Ready is a program for ISVs that enables the exchange of software so Technology Partners (or RSA) can develop an interoperability between their product and RSA’s. The 'RSA Ready' designation is awarded to technology partners whose interop has successfully met certification criteria set by RSA. This gives our mutual customers peace of mind that their deployment will be straightforward, documented and supported by RSA.


What are the benefits?

For Technology Partners:

  • Enables the exchange of software for the purpose of interoperability development
  • Connects Tech Partners with RSA Engineering for support during interoperability development and testing
  • Provides for documentation and certification of the interoperability
  • Promotes the certification on and on RSA Link


For customers:

  • Enables faster time to value with seamless interoperability between RSA products and 1000+ 3rd party solutions
  • Allows RSA Support to provide 1st level support for the certified interoperability


What is the process?




  • For details on the program and to apply go to:
  • Approval is done through the RSA Ready Manager in conjunction with the Business Development and Product Management lead for the RSA Product proposed.
  • RSA Ready agreement is provided for review and signature. Technology Partners are expected to sign the agreement with no changes.
  • Project is opened with Engineering and software is exchanged if needed. Kickoff call will determine interop method and path to certification.
  • Once the interop is developed and tested, if Partner-built, RSA will validate against the documentation and certify it as RSA Ready.  
  • Documentation is published to the RSA Link user community & Partner will be have a presence on and RSA Link.


RSA has a dynamic ecosystem of 500+ Technology Partners and 1000+ products. For more information on RSA Ready or to find a Technology Partner, start your journey at   


Next up: RSA Ready Certifications Feb-April 2020.