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Collecting service accounts from Active Directory

Question asked by Praveen Nair on Jul 24, 2015
Latest reply on May 5, 2016 by William May

Hello Everyone,


I have a problem with collecting service accounts from AD. The AD is on a local VM and is running v2008(Windows 2008 R2). Here is what I did :


- Created service accounts(in the same ou as users) using powershell scripts.

- Setup an account collector with filter as "objectType=ms-DS-Managed-Service-Account"

- Ran the collector


Once I ran it, Aveksa collected the accounts that were created but the "Is Service" flag on them was set to "No". Now I wanted to know what parameter is Aveksa looking for when it is determining whether the account is a service account or not.

I looked at the Aveksa accounts table definition and it shows the default value for Is_Service column is No that means, when I collect Aveksa is not receiving the value that it should.


My Aveksa version is 6.9.


Any idea what parameter Aveksa is checking for ?



Praveen Nair