MS Audit Collection Services

Discussion created by rwengewicz on Oct 24, 2011
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So we are starting to collect the ACS's and worked with Microsoft to add a field to the query that discribes what the message ID is. I doing this I had to change one of the (FLD's) to a actual variable. Figuring this is all I needed to do thought this would be a quick job. Well I have come across 3 message ID's that are not in the XML - 4668, 5145 and 534 ; I have event source 20111004-165427 installed and Ver 4 sp 4 patch 3 installed. anyone else have any issues with ACS? Here is our query that we use also. select CreationTime,Id,A.EventId, [S/F], ED.EventDescription, SequenceNo,Category,CollectionTime, AgentMachine,EventMachine,Source,HeaderSid,HeaderUser,HeaderDomain,PrimarySid,PrimaryUser, PrimaryDomain,PrimaryLogonId,ClientSid,ClientUser,ClientDomain,ClientLogonId, TargetSid,TargetUser,TargetDomain,String01,String02,String03,String04,String05, String06,String07,String08,String09,String10,String11,String12,String13,String14, String15,String16,String17,String18,String19,String20,String21,String22 from AdtServer.dvAll AS A Join dtEventDescription AS ED ON A.EventId = ED.EventID WHERE CreationTime > '%TRACKING%'