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Event Explorer Licenses

Discussion created by RSA Admin Employee on Mar 12, 2008

A common question people ask is "How do they get Event Explorer licenses". Event Explorer licenses are included in the enVision key, and they come standard depending on the appliance model. The default licenses are as follows:


50 Series Appliances

HA-5050: 1 EE seat

HA-7550: 1 EE seat

LS-LC05: 1 EE seat

LS-LC10: 1 EE seat


60 Series Appliances

ES-560: 1 EE seat

ES-1060: 2 EE seats

ES-2560: 3 EE seats

ES-5060: 4 EE seats

ES-7560: 5 EE seats


These licenses are concurrent user access, so you can have EE installed in many locations but are restricted on the number of users logged in at one time.